As another month finishes, the leaves are turning and the mornings are dark and cool…but in Melbourne’s crazy way, we are having a last gasp of warm weather.


And the fact it is now April, means I am on holiday..and it’s time for another monthly rewind!

Make yourself comfortable, and let me give you a summary of what was on Zinc Moon during March!

There was quite a bit of focus on health and well being, and the way some celebrities seem to be easily duping their huge following through false information and promises.

I wrote about when beliefs fail…and the Wellness Hysteria…then there was the dreadful Germanwings tragedy…it seems it is humanity itself that is our worst enemy.

I unfortunately had an episode which reminded me that my food intolerances are very real


And wondered at my inability to cry


The My Friday Five series continued, with posts on the power of colour, Instagram Communities, Hairstyles I have had, and a list of items that we must not forget, even if we are only away a night.


We discovered that Melbourne has an amazing pink lake


And we had the perfect Sunday Afternoon


There was some vintage shopping…at Sheila in Fitzroy


And Shag in Windsor


We also found a shop full of etcetera….jam packed in fact…


I was rather excited to find some jeans which fitted me perfectly


And a tablet organiser that doubles as a rather cool clutch!


I had a bit of a problem about how to pack vintage style…I can report I was able to get the case closed…just…


We were proud to have my husband’s liver transplant story shared on Transplant Australia’s website….


And we met our current sponsored seeing eye dog, Georgie, at the Open Day at Camp SEDA


Our handsome oldest furkid turned fifteen


And our youngest got her image featured on a popular Instagram account @bestwoof…and has now received over 2000 likes!


I wrote about raising awareness for the tiny country of Kiribati through a book called Teaote and the Wall…and I am very glad to say that the crowdfunding was very successful, and the book will be published!


And lastly, this little blog of mine passed another milestone on the 14th March…500 posts!


And that is March in a nutshell…bring on the holidays!