It was with a bit of excitement that we learned today that an article I wrote about my husband’s liver transplant journey has been featured on Transplant Australia’s website, as the first in a new initiative they are doing.

It is an honour to be asked to publicly tell our story, and assist to spread the word about the importance and benefit of organ donation.

My husband is a living, healthy example of how a transplant can turn someone’s life around and give them a second chance at living.

Even though it is coming up to three years since transplant, I am still amazed at just how well he is doing.


Currently he is out to six monthly checkup appointments, although still having regular blood tests as required.

His levels have basically remained stable ever since they got the rejection under control a few days after transplant.

When his health was deteriorating, we kept an eye on his bilirubin level and it reached 599 on transplant day…one of the reasons why he looked fluorescent yellow…check out those egg yolk eyes!


My competitive husband was hoping to break 600, but I am very glad to say it didn’t otherwise he may not have made it.

But since transplant, it has remained around 10 or so…perfectly and completely normal!

In the few times he has had to have scans since then, it feels like we are looking at someone else’s liver as all the ducts are beautifully clear…and reality it, we ARE looking at someone else’s…a liver that has settled happily into it’s new home.

I hope that our story can give some hope to those who have this journey ahead of them…it is not easy, and it is an emotional roller coaster.

The sad fact is not everyone makes it, no matter what is done…tragically, it is often because an organ may not be found in time.

But miracles can, and do happen, thanks to organ donors, their families, and the amazing medical staff.

And we are eternally grateful to be one of the lucky ones!

Click here to read our story on the Transplant Australia website!

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