As regular readers of this blog will know, we have two cairn terriers…and like any proud furkid Mum, I take lots…ok, lots and lots…of photos of them!

You will find them regularly appearing over on my @zincmoon Instagram feed…


Today, something very exciting popped up in my feed…one of my images of Miss Charlotte all snuggled up, was chosen by @bestwoof, an Instagram account that selects two images a day…and has a following of 36K!

I have followed this account for awhile, and never thought I would get an image featured, as there are so many gorgeous pups out there.

As of writing this, her image has received over 1200 likes and rising!


Miss Charlotte would like to thank @bestwoof so much for selecting her, and to thank everyone for all the likes, comments and follows!

Cairn Terriers are not as well known as other terrier breeds…we often get asked what they are when we are out walking.

Our usual reply is that they are “Wizard of Oz” dogs…ie Toto. Or the same as Westies but come in every colour except white!

How could you not love that cute face?

But don’t be deceived…little Miss is a devil in disguise and can cause chaos in the blink of an eye.

She hates anything rustling or moving in her garden, and will tell you about it…loudly!

She has a good dose of “Cairnatude”, and likes to have the last word!

She is not a lapdog, and doesn’t like cuddles unless she wants one…she can swear like a trooper!

She is stubborn, independent, clever and has a long memory!

But she is also loyal, has a great sense of humour….yes, really…and we love her so much!

Right at this very moment, she is being the perfect angel, sitting outside enjoying some autumn sunshine….I wonder what she is planning to do next…