I have noticed something that has changed for me over the years…I rarely cry any more.

I am taking this is a good sign, as it means I am not feeling sad, but it seems I am somewhat of a rarity as many other women I know cry at the drop of a hat…even when they are happy!

At the funeral we went to last month, I was surrounded by people united in their grief…my heart ached as we said goodbye to a young life taken far too soon.

I thought it would be the same as it usually is for me, so very sad but no tears…until the end, when the hearse drove out through a guard of honour …then it hit me….tears freely flowed as my husband held me…others did the same around us, hugging each other for comfort.


That night, I was home alone for a while, and I got to thinking that have I become so hardened to things that I can’t cry?

Or is it because of the tough years we went through has meant that tears don’t flow easily.

And is it possible to still feel deeply, without the tears?

I tend to now deal with issues methodically…give me the facts, and I will deal with it.

I don’t get emotional at weddings…I enjoy them, I celebrate with family and friends…but no tears.

And I like to laugh…a lot!

I also have a very left of centre sense of humour…strange things will amuse me, and I am easily amused!

My husband and I found that our way of dealing with tough situations was with good grace and humour…it got us though those dark hours.

I learned as things got tough that there was no use bursting into tears.

The medical staff often commented on how amazing our attitude was, and that this strength was what helped my husband get through the tough recovery after his transplant.

The saying “if what doesn’t kill you, will make you stronger” comes to mind.

Our life is good…our troubles are now in the past, and hopefully will stay there…our relationship is strong

I do know that tears do have a place, and I certainly don’t view them as a weakness, but it seems that they are not for me.

Are you emotional and freely cry…or are you more like me?