Sometimes you can find the things in the most unlikely places…like a tablet organiser being sold here in Australia at Officeworks, that actually makes a very handy clutch!

I got the heads up about these from a dear friend, who knows how much I love bags of all kinds.

A quick google search reveals that these bags are designed by The Coop Idea and are released under the label Nifteen.

Based in Hong Kong, their designs aim to “bridge the gap between functionality and style.

Nifteen has a wide range of backpacks and bags, but the one that I had been alerted to has the cute name of the “The Little Spin”.

Described as a “cute and fashionable pouch for your tablet with organised pocket compartments”, it works surprisingly well as a clutch, complete with a wrist strap.


So I went along to our nearest Officeworks to hunt one down…had to search a bit but finally found the Nifteen range down in the back corner…


I quickly snapped up it in black….a reasonable bargain at $24!


The Little Spin is designed for the Ipad Mini or similar sized tablets, which means it is not too big to be used as a clutch.

My day to day bag is always packed full of goodness knows what, so it is rather liberating just to put the essentials in this and I am set!

The inside pockets work well as storage for keys, phone etc…I can also slip my ipad Mini in as well if I need it!


One word of warning though…there are no zippered pockets inside, so be careful that you close the main zip properly otherwise everything falls out!

And I have a confession…I later went back and got the blue/beige one which was $2 more expensive…no idea why!


Who would have thought that a gadget holder can also be used as a pretty cool fashion accessory!

For more information on Nifteen, their range and where to buy, click here to visit their website!

Strangely, the range doesn’t seem to be available on the Officeworks website, so you will have to check at your local store.