At the start of the year, I posted a list of 15 challenges that I wanted to do.

I last did an update way back in February, so as we are now halfway through the year, I think it is time to check and see if any challenges have been completed!


Still continuing along ok, despite a couple of food intolerance reactions…all caused because I trusted that what I was eating was ok for me…lesson learned…if in doubt, don’t eat it!

Headaches have been few and far between, thank goodness, and I haven’t had an aura for ages…my neurologist says I may be able to come off the medication next year.

In terms of the thyroid cancer, I am due for another checkup later in the year and I hope that everything remains clear!

My thyroid medication has remained at a higher level…everything seems to be ok, although I still suffer from low energy levels.

I haven’t had my skin checked or my hearing tested…aiming to do both this month.


Hair Styling

Have achieved nothing in this area, apart from maintenance with the colour…it’s hard work being a bottle redhead!

However, I did have the opportunity to a vintage hairstylist this week, who freshened up my hair with a colour and cut, and styled it beautifully.


I am now even more determined to learn how to curl my hair and master an updo or two…stay tuned!



De-Clutter the Shed

Have done nothing since my last report in February…out of sight, out of mind.

I should stick to my original plan of emptying one box a week…starting next week…I promise…


Save More…Buy Wisely

Nope…haven’t stuck to this challenge at all!

I am however, trying to be more specific with what I buy…I have a list of things to add to my wardrobe, and am trying to stick to that list.

I do often get distracted though…

My Dressing Room

I am happy with how my dressing room is turning out, but need to buy a heap more coat hangers so I can get all my recent purchase safely tucked away…it’s looking rather messy right now…

I now also have a portable steamer which is proving to be great for freshening up my vintage clothes.



Since February, we had a trip to Sydney which was great fun…apart from me ending up with a blocked ear.

We really enjoyed exploring the vintage shops, and making new friends…and drinking tea, of course!

Nothing more planned for this year, except for a quick visit to Ballarat, but a trip to Queensland has been planned for next year…can hardly wait!


Veggie Patch

We did manage to grow some lettuces and got a few salads out of them, but unfortunately the veggie patch is now lying empty again.

I have been inspired by my parents huge veggie gardens so I am determined to get it going again…there is nothing better then having fresh veggies, grown on your own garden!


Lightning Shot

I have not managed to capture another lightning shot since that last one…actually not quite true, I did get a tiny little bit of a bolt a few months ago, but it was hardly worth the effort.

Now waiting eagerly for the storm season to arrive.


Read More

I am finding it hard to set aside time to read…and to actually concentrate on what I am reading

Not sure if it is my meds, the lack of a thyroid, or just the fact that life gets so busy, but often my brain does not absorb the words…I can only describe it as feeling “foggy”.

I do plenty of research for blogging ideas, but that usually involves staring at a screen of some sort.

But now the winter weather has set in, I am hoping to make inroads into the pile of books I have that are waiting for me to read them!


Organ Donation

Since the beginning of the year, I have written quite a few posts about my husband’s liver transplant experience and organ donation.

We have taken part in a few talks since January, and have a few more planned.


It is something we really enjoy doing, as my husband’s story is such a positive one. We are able to give hope to those who are still waiting, and reassurance to those considering organ donation.


Dress Up

This is one challenge I have been absolutely loving!

I really enjoy getting up in the morning and deciding what to wear…this is totally new to me, as in the past, I never gave much consideration to my outfits at all.

I am also more conscious of developing my own unique style, which means I am unlikely to run into anyone else wearing the same thing!

A few weeks ago, I also introduced a weekly What I Wore post on the blog to share the outfit images I post over on Instagram.


Revamp my Wardrobe

This challenge is well in progress…in fact, I think I could almost declare this one achieved!

The problem now is knowing when to stop…so much gorgeous vintage out there!


Bike Ride into the City

Nope, not even close…although am thinking we might attempt to walk into the city if we get a nice day!


Drink Good Tea

Sadly one of our usual tea houses has closed, but we are still very much drinking good tea whenever, and wherever, we can.

For example, we recently celebrated my husband’s third year post transplant anniversary by going to Travelling Samovar...


And we recently visited our favourite tea house in Geelong while we were on holidays…



It looks like have still got a fair way to go before all 15 challenges are met.

In fact, only one has been actually completed….which is a worry as we are now into July!

So, over the next month, I am going to make a concerted effort to read more, get a few more boxes emptied out of the garage, and start practicing curling my hair!

Will let you know how I go!

Have you got a list of things you want to do in 2015? How far down your list have you got? Share in the comments below!