We made it…a brand new year starts today!

Hello 2015…nice to meet you! So much promise….so much potential…


I am not a fan of new year resolutions…too much pressure…however I love a good list!

So I have put together 15 things I want to achieve in the months ahead….


I want to continue fine tuning my health…to start, I am going to have my skin checked and my hearing checked…we want to know who is deafer out of my husband and I.

Hair Style

I want to master at least one vintage hairstyle…I have long hair, done workshops and read books…time to start practicing!

De-clutter the Shed!

We have had two moves in as many years, and lots of our things were packed into boxes and put in storage.

Now all the boxes are in our shed…I figure if we haven’t missed whats inside for that time, we probably don’t need them any more.

Time to start getting in there and getting rid of all we don’t need…one box at a time!

Save more…buy wisely!

Yep, I am spender…I am very materialistic!

My aim for this year is to save some more, and buy wisely…I promise, I will try!

Set up my Dressing Room

I have taken over one of our spare bedrooms to use as a dressing room. At the moment it is ordered chaos and I have been talking about setting it up properly for months.

Now is the time!

Travel whenever possible

One trip to Sydney is on the cards, and we are looking to plan a longer adventure later in the year.

Plant and cultivate our veggie patch

We have a veggie patch, all set up ready to go, but we have now been in the house for over a year, and we still haven’t planted anything.

After seeing my parents’ amazing veggie patch, and enjoying fresh veggies every night, I am now determined to get ours up and growing!

Get that elusive lightning shot!

I am a weather lover, with various weather stations…I even have a lightning tracker.

But one of my greatest wishes is to capture a lightning shot…from a safe distance of course!

I got my first one last year, albeit a not very good one, so am keen to try again!

Read more

I spend far too much time lurking round Instagram and other social media.

I need to put the igadgets down, and get back into one of my loves….reading.

Promote organ donation whenever and wherever I can!

I have written quite a few posts over last year about my husband’s liver transplant and the importance of organ donation.

We want to continue the interviews with people involved in the organ donation process…to demystify what can be a difficult subject to talk about.

Dress up more!

Since discovering the vintage/retro world, I have also discovered that I like putting in a little more effort into what I wear.

I have been lucky to get some fabulous outfits, and have come to the realisation that they are wasted just sitting in the cupboard, waiting for a special occasion!

So I will aim to dress up whenever I can…and I ended 2014 with how I intend to continue!


Revamp my Wardrobe

This leads on from the point above…I want to get rid of anything that doesn’t fit, or things I have never worn.

Instead, I want to concentrate on getting good quality clothes that fit my shape, and continue developing my very own vintage/retro style!

Bike ride into the City

We live near a bike track which goes straight into the city…my husband has ridden it many times, so I am determined to do it myself this year!

Drink good tea

As always!

Continue to nurture and develop this little blog of mine!

I love researching and writing for Zinc Moon, and I hope my enthusiasm will continue into this new year!

Right, time to get started!

Have you made a list of things to do in 2015? Share them in the comments below!