It’s been a feisty old week in my online world…I have watched conversations get very heated…some were hurtful, even threatening.

I have seen how someone can turn from being friendly, to spitting hateful and untruthful things.

I love being online, and I love blogging, but I have learned a few things this week that I won’t forget in a hurry…


1.Words are powerful, and as a result, blogging is powerful.

I have written about this before, plus the effect social media can have.

This was all played out again this week in blogging circles due to a someone writing and posting a very controversial post about their beliefs.

I don’t think they had any idea what would happen after they hit “publish”, and now are being barraged by all sorts of nasty comments.

2. Like many others, I have realised I don’t tolerate intolerance very well. If I discover someone has views totally beyond my comprehension, which is what happened this week, then I just cannot support them.

I would never flame, troll or threaten, but I am afraid I just can’t stand with them.

3. Hot topics such as religion, sexuality, race and politics can really start wars…both in real life and online…friendships can be irrevocably broken.

I am not religious and can’t stand politics…and the other two don’t worry me….I value people for who they are first, it only gets difficult when extreme views so different from mine become clear.

I made a rule years ago never to discuss any of these topics, particularly in public forums, and I am sticking with it.

4. Think twice before publishing…once your words are out in the interwebs, they are there for ever…even if you delete the original source, someone….somewhere…will still have your words.

And this applies to commenting online…whether on social media or other platforms such as forums and blogs…even in online chats.

Once you hit that button, you are responsible for what you have written, and will have to cop any fallout.

5. This last point is to do with a personal experience this week…I learned just how far someone went to discredit me, and was sickened at the hate.

Although I am very hurt, I am also shocked at the darkness this person must be feeling to make them behave in such a way….and will certainly trust my first instincts better if I come across someone like that again.

I really hope that in the days coming, everyone can step back and take a breath….as I said a few days ago, we are not meant to like everyone we meet.

We are all too different…we are all unique….and just because you don’t like someone, it doesn’t mean you should hate them.

Agree to disagree, and walk away…never turn into someone who is eaten up by hate…it will cloud your judgement.

It seems many people are forgetting this fact….