Today is the 25th February…exactly 55 days since I posted my list of fifteen challenges that I want to do this year.

Let’s see how well things are going so far….


Things are ticking along reasonably well in terms of my health.

I did have about a week of feeling horrible…my GP thinks I had a stomach bug, rather then my usual internal issues.

I had an appointment with my neurologist last week, and I am to keep a diary of my headaches to see if there is a pattern…which I have a sneaking suspicion there is.

I have another appointment with him in 3 months.

Still need to get my skin checked over, and my hearing tested!

Report: 5/10

Hair Styling

Still being rather lazy and not doing anything with my hair, apart from dyeing it a brighter red.

Report: 1/10

De-Clutter the Shed

My husband has started on this, but apparently the majority of the boxes are mine, which means I will have to brave the shed and see what is in each one.

This one could take a while…


Report: 3/10

Save More….Buy Wisely

This hasn’t been going so well, in fact you could say I have blown this challenge out of the water.

I have had some amazing vintage finds that just had to be mine…you girls know how it is..

Report: 0/10

My Dressing Room

Now this I have made some progress on…I got a cheval mirror from Waverley Antique Bazaar

And got a clothes rack and a shoe rack from Howard Storage…now I have space to hang my clothes, and get my vintage shoe collection off the floor!

Report: 8/10


No travel as yet, but a trip interstate has now been booked!

Report: 2/10

Veggie Patch

After a very rough start and quite a few casualties, we actually have four lettuces and one carrot that are doing really well!


It’s been great having the Flower Power sending me messages from the veggie patch, as to when it needs water etc.

They are complaining that they are getting too much sunshine and that they want to move, but I am leaving them where they are for the time being…

Report: 4/10

Lightening Shot

Got a little closer with this challenge!

Check this out….taken using the Lightening App on my iPhone! So clever!


Report: 5/10

Read More

We have had a few trips to the library to stock up on books, but my actual reading time has become less as work swings into action for the year.

But I am determined to get off the screen, and into a book as much as I can!

Organ Donation

No further posts on organ donation as yet, but have a few in the pipeline…stay tuned!

Dress Up

I am having so much fun with this challenge as those of you who follow @zincmoon on Instagram will have noticed!

I never thought how much I would enjoy putting an outfit together for each day.

Here is what I wore today…a combination of vintage and modern pieces…


Report: 8/10

Revamp my wardrobe

Both my husband and I have emptied our wardrobes of anything that either doesn’t fit, or we just won’t wear again…all donated to a local charity shop.

I now need to take a heap of vintage outfits to a seamstress to get them taken in or shortened…my usual lady has sadly closed her shop.

Report: 7/10

Bike Ride into the City

I haven’t even got my bike out of the shed so this challenge hasn’t happened. I have however walked further along the bike track towards the city then I have before.

Report: 1/10

Drink Good Tea

This goes without saying, and we make it a mission every day to enjoy at least a few good cups of tea.


Report: 10/10


I am relieved to see that I have made some inroads into getting all these challenges done….my score is 54/100….a pass…just!

Not surprisingly, the challenges which I enjoy are getting done much faster…guessing the shed clean out is going to be the last to be completed!

Have you got a list of challenges for 2015? How are you going so far?