Twelve months ago today, I hit the publish button on my first ever blog post, and Zinc Moon came into existence!

It was four weeks after surgery to remove my thyroid due to cancer, and I was wanting to find something to keep me occupied, rather then just my day to day work!

A new theme, and 365 posts later, Zinc Moon is still alive and well….and today, we are celebrating it’s first birthday!


The fact that I am enjoying blogging so much is still some what of a surprise to me….I never really read blogs previously.

What set me off down this path was the want to continue sharing our experiences with friends and family in a format that was easily accessible…and using a blog turned out to be the perfect platform.

I have been asked how I came up with the name, “Zinc Moon”….basically I used a random blog name generator which came up with this combination….I love words and how they sound together, and I like how these two random words worked.

It also didn’t restrict what I wanted to write about, because to be honest, I really had no plans…I just wanted to try blogging out…see what it was like!

And like many blogs, the direction of Zinc Moon has changed over the year…because Zinc Moon doesn’t fit squarely into a niche, it means I can write about whatever interests me…and I like that!

For example, my regular readers will have noticed my love for vintage growing and becoming somewhat of an obsession. I now have a fabulous wardrobe thanks to my favourite shops…including Minette’s Vintage, Frocks and Slacks, Once more with feeling and That Little Vintage Shop!

And in finding subject matter to write about, we have discovered a love of getting out in this wonderful city of ours, to explore and find new places…and have met up with some fabulous people!

It has also allowed me to share our pretty heavy health issues, and how we got through each hurdle…and by sharing, I hope that we have been able to help others facing the same issues.

In fact, I wish I had discovered blogging before my husband got very sick, as I have found writing very therapeutic…it helps me to get perspective during stressful times.

Plus, I am looking forward to continuing the series on the transplant process and hope to clear up some of the myths that surround organ and tissue donation.

Another unexpected bonus of starting this blog has been finding new friends, both online and in real life…and reconnecting with people who we have lost contact with over the years.

I post every day…I still work full time, and fit in planning and writing during my spare time….it’s not easy, but I do it because I love it…plus scheduling is my friend!

I am also very lucky to have a supportive husband, who assists with Zinc Moon…he is chief proofreader, occasional model, assistant photographer and often will suggest things for me to write about – thanks hun!


So would you like to know what has been my most popular post so far?

It was the review I did of the Queen/Adam Lambert Concert that we went to! I woke up the next morning after publishing it, to find it had been spread all over the world, and even translated into different languages!

When I shared my excitement in my blogging circles, one killjoy said it was just because the band was so popular….but I like to think it was also because I wrote a damn good review…with pictures!

Click here to check it out!

Queen and Adam Lambert

Thank you to everyone who has supported Zinc Moon…you are my people…my village…and I love hearing that you enjoy reading my blog!

The statistics say that many blogs don’t survive a year, but my little corner of the world has taken on a life of it’s own, and long may it last!

Don’t forget to check out Zinc Moon on the various social platforms, including my current obsession, Instagram….