Welcome to my bright shiny new blog! I have just moved in, set up and today I open the doors!

I will be blogging about all things that interest me and the experiences I have – here is a brief lowdown on who I am!

I am a keen photographer, love gadgets, enjoy learning new things and generally have a very curious, inquiring mind! Google is my friend!

I love summer, being by the beach, getting out in the fresh air for long walks and lately, enjoy nice leisurely bike rides. I love traveling and finding new places to explore!

I love a good thunderstorm, and am a keen weather watcher…the weather radar is an essential reference round here!

I love reading and watching crime series such as Midsomer Murders and Lewis.

I work with fabrics, and have moved into a new home, so am into researching new looks for decor!

I am married, no kids, but have two very spoilt furkids who we love dearly!

We have had to face some health issues over the last few years, and I will blog about our experiences. My husband got very sick with an autoimmune disease (PSC) that caused scarring of the bile ducts in his liver, and he had to have a liver transplant in June 2012…if he hadn’t received the new liver, he would not have survived much longer. He waited 14 months for the call and I became his full time carer for about the last 9 months of the wait. It was a very scary and stressful time. He is now very much alive and well, and loving every minute of life. We think of the donor family everyday…their gracious decision to donate organs saved my husband, and others.

And I haven’t escaped having health issues and I have my own challenge to deal with…the carer had to become the patient…approx 8 weeks ago, my doctor discovered my thyroid was not working properly, further tests showed I had Hashimoto’s Disease. Then an ultrasound, and then a biopsy revealed I had thyroid cancer. I had my thyroid removed approx 4 weeks ago, and am recovering well. I will be finding out next week what the next step in the treatment will be.

So join me for the journey ahead, who knows where it will go!

Till next time!

Charlotte and Me