February is ticking along nicely…finally we have had some lovely warm weather…I even had a swim bayside…first time ever!

I have to say it has been a pretty good month so far, and it is time yet again for Taking Stock.

Making : a concerted effort to get up earlier…sometimes…

Drinking : tea, as usual…our tea cupboard is nicely stocked up!

Reading: lots of books from the library…love our local library!

Wanting: the world to slow down a bit so I can catch up.

Looking: for a pair of vintage black leather pants…they are coming back into fashion, mark my words!

Playing: Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson (featuring Bruno Mars)….don’t know why but I love this song…hot damn!

Wishing: I could get a few more followers on Instagram…seem destined to be stuck below 300…find me @zincmoon!

Enjoying: taking part in the Fat Mum Slim #fmsphotoaday…haven’t missed a day so far.

Waiting: not very patiently until I can purchase a Fuji X30 camera to improve the quality of my outfit photos…and have the ability to take photos remotely.

Wondering: about the history of my vintage outfits….who wore them, what stories could they tell?

Loving: putting together our photo journal using the Project Life system…so glad I finally started!

Pondering: why everything seems to happen at once…nothing for weeks, then two things I want to do are on the same weekend…never fails…

Considering: braving the trip to the Problogger conference in August…so many people I would love to meet!

Watching: the beautiful series of Coast Australia…makes me want to get out and do more exploring of this wonderful country of ours.

Hoping: more ladies join me for #dressup2015…come on girls, let’s show some style!

Marvelling: at how an iphone app can capture lightning….finally got one!

Needing: to get some outfits altered…I have them sitting there ready to go, I just have to actually get organised enough to take them to my local dressmaker.

Wearing: waist belts…my new fashion obsession!

Noticing: the signs of Autumn already…that certain smell in the air…hopefully, we finally get some warm weather before it gets too cool!

Feeling: sad…we said goodbye to another friend who lost their fight with cancer…so young…so, so sad…

Admiring: our veggie garden! We have a couple of lettuces and one carrot that not only are surviving, but doing well!

Buying: far too many vintage outfits…but am so totally loving it. Have to be good for a while though…hopefully…

Disliking: black eyeliner that doesn’t last the day…I have enough trouble getting it even on both eyes, and I want it to stay, not fade away by lunchtime.

Worrying: that I am eventually going to run out of ideas to write about…it has now been 478 consecutive days that I have posted.

Coveting: the amazing shoe and dress wardrobe of @dressedapp on Instagram…go check it out!

And that is February’s Taking Stock…see you same time next month!