At the beginning of the year, I declared on my Instagram feed that 2015 is the year to dress up!


Along with the gorgeous Tracey from Frocks and Slacks, I am determined to add colour and class to the months ahead…with an extra touch of Zinc Style!

When the days are so busy, and it is hard enough to get out of bed let alone decide what to wear, the decision of what to wear can be thrown in the too hard basket…it is more grab whatever is nearest and get going.

And as we get older, the pull to dress for comfort rather then style usually wins!

But in 2015, I am going to make the effort to wear more of the wonderful outfits I have hanging in my wardrobe.

Why buy them if all they do is sit behind closed doors, gathering dust?

My vintage outfits, in particular, deserve more then that!

And to add the extra pizazz, I will also ‘solemnly swear to always wear red lipstick’ as per the Lindy Charm School for Girls oath.

I am not doing this for anyone, although my husband certainly appreciates my extra effort!

I am doing this for me…because I love vintage fashion…because I want to wear fabulous outfits often…because I love how just one compliment can make me feel like a million bucks…because I can…

I am not a style blogger or a makeup expert…I am on a very big learning curve, and I am loving the ride!


And if I can do it, so can you!

Lets dress up the streets, the workplaces, the cafes…everywhere!

Show the world our own unique styles and be proud of who we are!

So will you join me and Dress Up 2015?

Use the hashtag #dressup2015 to share your outfits on whichever social media platform you use…you will usually find me over on Instagram (@zincmoon)…as I would love to see your contributions to Dress Up 2015!