I totally forgot to do this last month…in my defense, I was pretty sick the last few weeks of Septembers so I did lose track of time.

Thankfully, I am feeling very much better so I figure today is a good a day as any to stop and do my Taking Stock for October!

Cooking : porridge…I have gone a bit old school on the advice of my gastroenterologist and am now starting the day with gluten free porridge with fruit…it seems to be working!

Drinking : water…as the days are hotting up I am trying to keep myself hydrated. I am always guilty of never drinking enough water which is not helping my internal issues so I am making a concerted effort.

Reading: the latest book in the Stieg Larsson’s Millenium series …it seems it didn’t stop when he died as another author is continuing with the books! This one is called The Girl in the Spider’s Web by David Largercrantz.

Wanting: a Go Pro camera…no idea why, but I do! And one of those switches which allows you to turn appliances on/off when you are not at home…how cool is that!

Deciding: to start getting my Christmas gift list started…I have discovered that even if you just have a list, it makes the run up to the silly season a little less stressful!

Enjoying: the op shop treasure hunt…we are both getting good at spotting local op shops when we are out and about.

Have learned that you never know what you might find…like these Prada kitten heels I discovered during a totally random op shop visit today…

Op Shop Prada Find

Waiting: for the new Robert Galbraith novel to be released….can hardly wait as I loved the first two books in the Corman Strike series…called Career of Evil, it’s due out on the 20th October.

In case you didn’t know, Robert Galbraith is a pen name of the famous J.K. Rowling.

Liking: days I work from home…I surprisingly get so much more done then when in the office and I can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air!

Wondering: what I would like for my birthday…it’s coming up next month…then it’s Christmas…it all happens in a rush…scary…

Loving: the hot weather and the storms…more of that please, Mother Nature, with a good dose of rain in between!

Watching: the BOM weather radar…ever hopeful when there is potential storms on the horizon…it’s been a good start to our storm season so far!

Hoping: I can hit my fundraising target of $700 for ovarian cancer research…I am getting ever closer but…

Needing: a new monitor…am realising how different the colours are on the screen of my Surface Pro as to what is showing on my big monitor.

Smelling: things that make me sneeze, but have found a good nose spray which so far is doing the trick…fingers crossed it continues to work as my worst tine is usually around November.

Wearing: frocks…31 frocks in a row to be exact as I am taking part in Frocktober 2015 to raise funds for research into developing an early detection test for ovarian cancer…today is Day 15 so I am basically halfway and still going strong!


Feeling: so much better…my constant nausea really flared up during the last few weeks of September and it made me really miserable…apparently it is due to what is known as Functional Nausea…hard to find the cause and difficult to treat.

But I am glad to say that attack has finally eased and fingers crossed I won’t get another one anytime soon.

Buying: frocks…but am being good by sticking with op shop finds or the odd new one on sale.

Getting: better at planning my daily outfits…I used to just put something together when I had to get dressed…but since doing Frocktober, I am actually thinking further ahead, especially am hoping to get through 31 days without wearing the same dress twice!

Disliking: my weight gain…it has been up, then down when I was sick, then it is creeping back up again, probably due to my new meds.

I know I have nothing to complain about, but I hate it when some of my gorgeous outfits don’t quite fit properly anymore. Time to get serious walking again!

Coveting: one of the new season maxi dresses from Mister Zimi…divine!

And that is another Taking Stock done…see you same time next month!

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