Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have noticed the huge popularity of adult colouring in books.

They are everywhere…and the pencil/textas/paint sellers must be having their most bumper year yet!

But why is it so popular?

For My Friday Five this week, I look at some reasons why you should also jump on the band wagon…if you haven’t already..


The act of colouring in is scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety….apparently it allows the fear centre of your brain to relax, meaning you can relax.

I find I almost zone out which is much needed after a busy day of work…it gives my brain some time out to regroup and unwind.

Colouring in also improves your fine motor skills and vision…particularly if you are like me and are diligent about not going outside the lines!


Be You

Reconnect with your inner child and just be you…you can choose what colours to use…be as wild or restrained as you want.

Male, female, young, old or in between…it may feel a bit strange when you first start but I say give it a try!

No Skills Required

You don’t need to be creative or artistic…you don’t even need to be able to draw!

I wish I could draw, but am under no illusion that I have any skills in that area…but by colouring in, I can bring something to life in full colour.

So although the design has been drawn by someone else, I can make it mine!

Anywhere, Anytime

It is accessible and portable…you don’t need power or an internet connection.

Just get yourself a colouring book…I can recommend this one…it’s got some fabulous designs, is printed on heavy paper so you can use textas or paints, and is spiral bound, making it easier to fold the pages back, or perhaps to remove for framing!


If you are on a budget, but have a printer available, just do a Google search and you will find heaps of free designs to print out.

Then all you need to do is grab your colour “weapons of choice” and you are set!


It’s Fun!

Colouring in is just plain fun…need I say more!

You might even find you make new friends through colouring clubs and events…yep, there is such a thing!

So what are you waiting for…get colouring and enjoy the benefits!


Do you colour in? What benefits have you found? And what has been your favourite colouring in book?

Share in the comments below….