Today, I had the opportunity to attend a masterclass run by Guardian Masterclasses Australia.

The delightful Lady Melbourne (aka Phoebe Montague) was our speaker and the subject was “Social Media for Business”….a topic that is not only important to master as part of my “real” job, but that can also be applied to this little blog!

Guardian Masterclasses

When we all had arrived and settled in, we discovered that this was actually the very first Guardian Masterclass to be held in Australia which was kind of exciting!

The class was only a small group of eleven, which allowed for lots of questions and discussion….and we all came from different backgrounds and industries, which made the day even more interesting!

Although I already have some experience with social media, I found the sessions very informative, and have learned so much about how to use social media in the business sense.

Phoebe is a friendly, down to earth person, who presents information in a clear and concise format.

As  one of Australia’s key fashion bloggers, she has used social media to help successfully build her brand,  and it was fantastic that she was able to share her extensive knowledge and experience with us newbies!

And I think it is the only class I have ever attended where using social media during lesson time is not only allowed, but expected!

The class was held at the Australian Centre for Moving Images, located off Federation Square….very easy for me to get to as I just wandered across from Flinders Street Station having caught the train in.

Food was provided during the day, and the staff looked after my dietary requirements very well, even double checking with the kitchen to make sure it was ok for me to eat…something which I very much appreciate!

I am really glad I decided on a whim to register and attend this masterclass…not only have I now got a notebook full of information which I can apply to both my work and my personal blog, but I got to be a part of a great group for the day!

Now if you are in Sydney, you are in luck as Phoebe will be running this same masterclass on Sept 27th… here for more information!

And I will definitely be keeping my eye out for more Guardian Masterclasses to be held in Australia!

Click here to visit the Guardian Masterclasses Australia website.