I spent yesterday enjoying a masterclass all about social media for business…and one of the info slides that was shown was our favourite broadcasters explained with bacon….google it, you will find it!

So for a bit of fun for My Friday Five this week, I thought I would do my own explanations for five popular social media options….from a blogger’s point of view!



Twitter….Here is my latest #blogpost and here is the link plus maybe an image…in less then 150 characters!

Facebook….I have written a new blog post, and it is all about this, that and the other thing, and here is the link and perhaps an image…please like, comment and share it!

Instagram….Here is a vintage picture that is part of my blog post…plus various #hashtags

Pinterest….here are instructions on how to construct and write a blog post…with images!

You Tube….here is a video of how to construct and write a blog post!

Part of being a blogger getting all your hard work out into the the big wild web…and grab people’s attention in such a way that they come visit your blog…enjoy what they see…and return regularly.

But we humans can be fickle…and hard pressed for time…so social media is a very important tool for getting your voice heard above all the noise!

One of the important things that I learned at the masterclass was to be active and consistent on whichever social media platforms you choose to use…the trick is to pick your favourite platform, plus maybe one other, and get posting/tweeting…often!

Personally, I am very visual so I prefer the platforms that are more for images….hence my new found obsession with Instagram….and I am definitely still a Facebook addict.

However, you will find Zinc Moon on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram….with the occasional update on Pinterest…..so please visit and let me know you are there…newcomers always welcome!

And yes, I have yet to embrace You Tube, and very much doubt that I will appear there any time soon…

What is your social media platform of choice….where do you like to hang out?