I have had a rough few weeks…nothing life threatening and I am perfectly safe…I have just been feeling downright awful.

Which is why I have been a bit quiet round here…hard to think of things to write when feeling unwell.

My main problem is nausea…constant, unexplained nausea…one specialist called it Functional Nausea.

It all started about 8 or so years ago, after what I think was a bad dose of gastro…except it never quite went away.

My gall bladder was removed, various specialists and doctors consulted…no one could find a cause.

I worked out on my own that I was severely lactose intolerant…removing that from my diet has helped.

Also had some idea I was fructose intolerant too, so tried to keep away from it as well.

But the nausea never left me alone…in fact, it still sometimes hit with a vengeance.

And that’s what has happened in the last few weeks..its been just horrible.

And it didn’t help that I was also withdrawing from taking a low dose of an anti depressant (Axit)…something that was prescribed to me by last GI specialist.

I have struggled to work…to concentrate…I keep trying to suck it up and keep going.

But I can’t…I have had enough…so has my husband, and I certainly can’t blame him.

I have seen a doctor three times in the last few weeks…she says she can’t help as she has no idea what to do.

So it’s up to me to get to the bottom of all this.

So, enough wallowing in my very own pity pool…time to take control.

With guidance, I have stocked up on probiotics and various supplements such as Magnesium and Vitamin D.

I have also started taking Aloe Vera juice, something which I used to drink years ago.

My already restricted diet is to be cut down even further, following a strict low FODMAP protocol…


When reviewing the things I have been consuming, we have already discovered potential issues…vanilla soy was one example.

To my surprise, it contained fructose and corn syrup…and who knows what else in the flavoring.

The vegan gravy we had been using had onion in it…stupid me knows I can’t handle onion but never thought to check it.

It’s now been about a week since I took control, and I am cautiously optimistic that the tide has turned.

It didn’t start well…I felt absolutely shocking last Saturday…really struggled throughout the day.

Felt much better Sunday and was able to get out on a long walk in the sunshine with the family…


Then I had bad night…tossing and turning, hot sweats, feeling unwell..so Monday was a quiet day at home instead of getting on with life.

Thankfully, things then started to improve, and I have now had three reasonable days in a row.

My husband noted this morning that I finally had some colour back in my face…I looked almost grey for a few days there.

And one big benefit…I have lost weight and can fit back into some of my vintage outfits again…YAY!

So this is what I need to to do…to be in control not something controlling me.

I will continue on this new path and hopefully in a few more weeks, I will be able to report back that I am feeling much better with no more steps backwards.

Which means that I will be finally living my life the way I want to again!

If any of you have similar experiences, please share your stories and any suggestions on what may help.