Last weekend, we had a random wander through Melbourne Central…a large shopping centre in Melbourne CBD…and we discovered a little market place called 100 Squared located under the Shot Tower….


100 Squared is a designer market for local fashion talent, and you can find eveerything from jewellery to apparel and accessories…even shoes!

I actually didn’t get to look at all the stalls that were there, because we started chatting to Benji from Grandma Funk about why people in Melbourne tend to avoid wearing colour.

Grandma Funk is a Melbourne label that creates a fusion of vintage with a modern twist.

He showed me the most amazing maxi skirt…all my favourite colours AND butterflies…love at first sight..

Next thing I knew, he had put together the whole perfect outfit for me…


Benji was great fun….he is the sort of salesman I need, because although I know what I love in fashion and colour, I am still pretty hopeless when faced with racks and racks of clothing…I get all overwhelmed, and then end up with nothing…or buy something totally unsuitable.

However, there was no problem here…Benji was onto what I liked straightaway!

I did try on a few other outfits, and was tempted by a skirt with a teacup design…but the first outfit was definitely THE one…look at all that colour!

I have also been looking for t-shirts which are more cropped, as many store-bought styles are way too long for me…Grandma Funk had exactly what I needed to go with my vintage skirts.

I snapped up a selection of different colours…the green one worked perfectly for my outfit today….oh, and the vintage belt came from Grandma Funk as well!


You can find Grandma Funk at many places, including Melbourne Central, Vintage Garage (in Fitzroy), the night markets at the Queen Vic Market and various music festivals!

Head on over to the Grandma Funk Facebook page for more info!