This is my favourite time of year….the promise of summer just around the corner plus the excitement of Christmas building!

And I also know that these last weeks of the year will fly past even faster as we have so much to do before the holidays begin.

Time to stop for a minute or two….it’s time for taking stock…


Making : Christmas message design for work

Drinking : Yorkshire Tea….love a strong brew!

Reading: the latest issue of Womankind magazine

Wanting:bathers….my old pair are now way too big for me, so the stress of trying to find a pair that fits begins again….

Looking: for Christmas cards to send out this year…I always worry I will buy the same ones I have already sent out in past years!

Playing: with hairstyles using the wonderful Hair Romance book for inspiration,and as a guide!

Deciding: we have to get a new mattress…we can’t rotate the one we have, because our youngest furkid chewed a hole into one side!

Wishing:I didn’t need so much sleep… energy levels are still too low……

Enjoying: catching up with friends….we have had some fabulous events over the last few weeks!

Waiting: for another storm….want to have another go at getting that illusive lightning shot!

Liking: the new little fence we have had built to hide an unused corner of the back yard….looks so much better!


Wondering: how soon I can put the Christmas decorations up!

Loving: weekends! I love it when I don’t have to be anyway at any specific time!

Pondering: how long it will be before this vine takes over the house…it seems to grow faster and faster…

Considering: what diary to buy for the new year…I am so fussy when it comes to diaries…I usually end up buying a couple till I find one I like.

Hoping: to have some time on the beach this summer….haven’t had a swim in the sea for years as the fickle weather always turns cool when we are down the coast!

Needing: some more delicious vegan slices from Pana Chocolate

Smelling: a beautiful rose from our garden…the scent is just divine!

Wearing: red lipstick as I promised to Miss Chrissy!

Following: some gorgeous accounts on Instagram…did I mention I am a total insta-addict now?

Noticing: that if I talk too much, I lose my voice….seems to be a left over side effect from having my thyroid removed!

Knowing: that life is so precious….do not waste a moment as you just don’t know what is around the corner….

Thinking: how lucky I am to have such a wonderful husband and partner in life!

Feeling: a little unsettled…not sure why…

Sorting: through my list of ideas for posts on the blog….I didn’t set out to blog every day, but I enjoy it so much that I somehow always manage to find something to “talk” about !

Buying: Christmas presents…determined to get most of them, or at least know what I need to get, before the end of this month…

Getting: hayfever….yep, its definitely that time of year…Telfast anyone?

Disliking: Negative people….life is too short to be always miserable.

Opening: the box containing the 2015 BOM Calender…and essential purchase in our weather mad family!


Snacking: on fresh blueberries…love them!

Hearing: Cicadas! Heard them for the first time this season a couple of days ago!