I am going to indulge in a bit of a rant today…so consider yourself warned!

We have noticed how “Negative Nellies” seem to be everywhere….all over social media and online forums…complaining about the most trivial things and that nothing is ever to their satisfaction….and it frustrates me!

Sorry, but it really does!

I guess going what my husband and I went through does reset your priorities….now I tend to be the “glass half full” kinda girl, and try to find the best in every day.

And another thing I learned….no matter how bad it is for you, there will be someone else doing it even tougher.

My husband survived an illness which came close to cutting short his life…others have not been so lucky…I got diagnosed with cancer, but thankfully it was detected and removed early…others have not been so lucky.

The other day, we spoke to a liver transplant recipient who had just been told that they now had lung cancer, and now had to go through full chemotherapy.

We heard of a fellow PSC sufferer who had found out that they will be taken off the liver transplant waiting list, because their cancer was too advanced.

Someone we know has ended up in ICU with severe head trauma due to a freak accident.

Our thoughts, good wishes and prayers are with all those who are going through such traumatic and stressful times.

I just want to emphasize how things can change….in a heartbeat…in the blink of an eye…..and there is no turning back the clock.

Any goals, dreams or plans for the future can be destroyed……we have seen this happen first hand.

When I hear people whinge about minor things……or complaining rather then actually sorting whatever the issue is out…or just generally being in a bad mood with all and sundry….I feel like yelling that you are alive, there is hope….get a grip!

Get some perspective!


We are all given a limited time here on Earth, so why waste any of it by watching life go past, picking out all the bad bits and complaining about “if only”!

Go out and seize the day….don’t waste a moment!

And importantly, don’t forget to look after number one…ie you….give yourself the best chance to remain healthy.

You are given one body to live in, and all the money in the world won’t buy your health back…..to put it bluntly, you are a long time dead!

Thank you for reading….rant over!