Winter is well and truly here…there doesn’t seem to be enough daylight during the day, and the temperature has plummeted….the good news is the sun does occasionally show its face!

And it’s time yet again for taking stock…

Taking Stock July

Making : lists….it is the only way I can get all my tasks done! And it is so satisfying being able to tick them off one by one!

Cooking : all things purple…purple carrots…purple cauliflower…

Purple Veggies

Drinking : tea….as always!


Reading: a book I randomly picked up at our local opshop for $2…actually enjoyed it…Dead Sleep by Greg Ilnes…might have to check out some of his other novels.

Wanting: some nice bright shoes to go with a vintage 60s dress

Looking: at Instagram…totally addicted!

Playing:  with some new eyeliner….slowly getting better at getting that perfect flick!


Deciding: to sell some of my cameras as I am not using them….it’s my gorgeous retro looking Fuji X100s that gets the most use, plus my iphone 5s!

Wishing: that somehow there were more hours in the day…or that I can get more energy to use the ones I have to the fullest…

Enjoying: snuggling on the couch with the two furkids on these cold nights

Waiting: to find out if the thyroid cancer has returned or not….whether I need any further treatment…hoping my luck continues to hold.

Liking: foggy mornings…I hate the cold but there is such a sense of mystery when everything is shrouded in fog!

Wondering: when my husband will have the surgery for his hernia…he is on a waiting list as it isn’t urgent, but it needs to be done by a liver transplant surgeon. Not looking forward to having him home for 6 weeks as he hates to sit still nowadays!

Loving: all the opportunities to discover new things and places…including getting behind the scenes at Rod Laver Arena last weekend…

Inside Arena

Pondering: whether I can call myself a blogger now….have I earned that title?

Considering: buying the wide angle lens for my Fuji X100s….will I use it enough?

Watching: Miss Fisher’s Murders….a perfect match of crime and style! I am working my way through every episode, and loving it!

Hoping: the health issue our eldest furkid has will pass…it’s always a worry when our beloved pups get older, and he is now 14…but thankfully, he is still loving life!

Bill and Charlotte

Marvelling: at the quality of photos I can get from my new iphone 5S….so much better then the little point and shoot camera I keep in my handbag….one less thing to carry round!

Needing: to organise a holiday….in the warmth….something to look forward to!

Wearing: more and more vintage and vintage inspired just feels right!

Noticing: the daffodils are appearing….spring is coming!

Knowing: that no matter how hard things get, you have to try and keep things in perspective…

Thinking: the world really has gone mad….so much tragedy….

Feeling: a little sad, but hopeful…

Sorting: through a large pile of boxes we now have in our shed….the last of the things we put in storage in when we moved….we are sorting it all into four piles….keep, sell, give to charity and throw away! Some things I haven’t seen for over two years so I am guessing I don’t need them any more!

Buying: jeans….I keep losing weight…have dropped almost three sizes!

Getting: some vintage outfits altered by a dressmaker….finally! Can hardly wait to get them back and start wearing them!

Bookmarking: ideas for a dressing room…I have taken over one of our spare bedrooms…stay tuned for updates.

Disliking: late nights and early mornings…just can’t…

Opening: my new telephoto converter lens for my Fuji X100s…..very excited!


Coveting: a vintage 1930s dress

Hearing: so much bad news on the tv and radio….

And that’s it for another month….over and out!