Welcome to my first Taking Stock for 2015!

I have decided to continue with this monthly feature, as it is a good snapshot of my life at that very point in time.

January started slowly but quickly sped up, and the holidays were over before I knew it.

So without further ado, here is my Taking Stock for January…

Making : healthy smoothies…well, my husband is…he is obsessed…and I am happy to drink them!

Drinking : some rather excellent tea from Storm in a Teacup and Travelling Samovar…stocked up our tea cupboard too!

Reading: a rather disturbing book about North Korea…North Korea Undercover by John Sweeny…a very interesting read though.

Wanting: more hot weather…come on Melbourne, get your summer on!

Looking: forward to an upcoming trip to Sydney…let me know of any vintage shops that I can check out.

Playing: with my little Instax Share printer…I think I am becoming a little obsessed. I am going to journal my daily outfits, and the Instax photos are perfect….just have to stock up on more film next time I see it on sale!


Deciding: to do the Little Moments Photo a Day…started at the beginning of January, and have managed to do all the prompts so far! It has become a joint effort as my husband has started to help me to find suitable images.

Wishing: I could be a blogger full time…so much to see, so much to write…

Enjoying: #dressup2015….come join me!

Waiting: for our little veggie seedlings to start growing…sadly I think our first batch may not survive…

Liking: getting out and walking. I am trying to have a least one walk a day

Wondering: why my hair colour is darker this time, when the hairdresser said they did exactly the same as when I had my hair coloured last. I don’t dislike it, just not sure why it is darker and not as red!

Loving: fun Summer days….especially those which include good food, divine tea, a little vintage shopping and sunshine!

Considering: paying the money to fix the bad water pressure in our house. We do have water, it just takes awhile!

Watching: sport….and more sport…cricket, soccer, tennis…I won’t get control of the TV remote for a while…

Marvelling: at these 12 amazing athletes that are running 7 marathons, in 7 continents…in 7 days!! They are now doing the fifth run, and the Aussie guy is doing really well…next stop will probably be the hardest because of the heat…Dubai!

Needing: to drink more water…I think I am dehydrated much of the time because I just drink tea.

Smelling: these divine roses from the garden…wish you could smell the gorgeous scent…

Pink Roses

Wearing: vintage, vintage and more vintage….love it!

Following: my weather station stats…next step is load all the data onto my computer…now if only it would send a storm in this direction…

Noticing: the mornings are slowly getting darker again…

Knowing: holidays will come round again….eventually.

Thinking: I really should not spend so much time on Instagram…it’s like a rabbit hole!

Feeling: not entirely enthused about being back at work…thankfully we have a long weekend coming up.

Admiring: people who do what they love…and love what they do! Their enthusiasm is infectious!

Sorting: through the boxes in the shed…we have made a start and can see some of the floor!

Buying: vintage…clothes, belts and shoes…oh, and a hat…

Disliking: tennis…sorry, but it’s one of the few sports that I can’t watch.

Opening: a parcel full of gorgeous tea to try…stay tuned!

Feeling: positive…the year has started well!

Coveting: a Fuji X30…please Fuji….I would love to give one a good workout…it would make taking outfit shots so much easier!

And that is it for me! How about you?