I love shoes…I have far too many shoes…but I love them all!

I especially love shoes that are a little different…a bright colour or perhaps an unusual design.

I also am loving finding vintage shoes that fit like they were made for me…of course, whether I actually need them is another matter…

But I have discovered a dilemma…let me backtrack for a minute and give you some background information…

I have a pair of not particularly special black Sandler wedges…they are comfy and are perfect for when I don’t want to wear high heels, but don’t want to wear flats.

I bought them a few years ago on sale….I think they cost me around $70.

I noticed the other day that I had worn down the sole at the front so much that it was almost wearing right through.

Now, I could have bought a replacement pair, especially as the post Christmas sales are still going, but as these shoes were my “go to” pair, I thought I would get them resoled…

And that’s when I hit the dilemma…it ended up costing me more then a new pair of shoes to get them fixed!!

In the shoe repair guy’s defense, he did acknowledge how expensive it was to get them repaired, and did a lovely job buffing them up as well as painting the heels, so they do look almost as good as new.


I have also had some vintage shoes repaired which also cost me way more then what I paid for them, but for some reason, that didn’t seem so bad…it is like I am giving them a second chance!

I mean…how cute are these…


So what do you do?

Do you wear a favourite pair of shoes until they are destroyed, then toss them out…or spend the money to extend their “lives” instead of buying a new pair?

And if you find a pair of vintage shoes that need a little love…is it worth it?