What is it with stockings??

Doesn’t matter how careful I am, I still manage to either put a hole in them while pulling them on…or within an hour or two, snag them and bingo…a ladder appears.

And it doesn’t matter whether they are sheer or thick tights….I always manage to ruin them!

Today, I left the house looking neat and tidy with immaculate black tights…and then I come home with a ladder running right down to my ankle…yep, not a good look!


That’s yet another pair in the bin!

I have packets of stockings stored away…. including these vintage Christian Dior ones….

Vintage Stockings

But I just can’t bring myself to even open them….I just know what will happen and I don’t want to ruin them!

A quick Google search has come up with some interesting suggestions on how to prevent ladders…or at least how to stop them running…

Some suggest wearing rubber gloves to put stockings on…to prevent your nails or rings catching.

Others swear by keeping stockings in the fridge…apparently this will stop ladders or at least help to prevent them running!

If you do get a ladder, the trick is to apply clear nail polish to both ends to stop it running…the polish will dry and be invisible!

Hairspray can also be used for the same purpose….who knew that?

I have also discovered that there is such a thing as ladder free stockings….Ambra makes a range of Ladder Resist Pantyhose…anyone given these a try?

You can still put a hole in them…which believe me, I probably would…but the hole won’t quickly turn into a very long ladder.

Let me know if they are good….I might have to get me some!

In the meantime, I have resorted to buying the thickest tights I can find so I can get more than one wear out of them….which works at the moment as the cold weather has definitely arrived.

And I should probably invest in some clear nail polish to prevent incidents like what happened today…or maybe it would be easier just have a spare pair or two in my drawer at work!

So what’s your secret to wearing stockings…please share…I would love to know!