This week sees the arrival of a few items I have been waiting for…the anticipation has been building, and you could say I am more than a little excited!

And yes, as you can probably guess, I am materialistic…no apologies..that’s just how I am!

So what is on the imminent horizon for moi?

Gadgets…lots of them…in the next day or so a truckload of new ipads and iphones will arrive at work for me!

This delivery has been in the pipeline for over six months, and finally everything has fallen into place, and the upgrading program is about to begin!

I will have the fun of setting them all up….can you tell I love gadgets, and its times like this I love my day job!

Guessing I will suddenly become very popular as everyone will want to be my friend so they get theirs first

But I have my priorities…..I will be setting my new igadgets up first before anyone else’s…but between you and me, that’s mainly so I can get the process of changing over perfected on mine and iron out any issues before I attempt working through the pile!

Also, this week will see the release of Robert Galbriath’s new novel, “The Silkworm”…..I have been waiting for this since the announcement way back at the beginning of the year!

The Silkworm

I absolutely loved the first book, “The Cuckoo’s Calling”,  even before the spilling of the news that Galbraith was actually J K Rowling!

If you love murder, mystery and mayhem novels, then get your hands on these….but read the first one first!

I will be on the hunt for a copy when it is released on Thursday (19th June)…I could download it onto my nice shiny new ipad, but in cases like this, I like the real thing to read!

But will the thrill of the anticipation be better then the actual arrival?

In terms of the igadgets, it certainly won’t be quite as exciting as the day I got my hands on my very first ipad….I wasn’t going to get one, then woke up the morning after the ipad 1 was released, and promptly dragged my poor husband round a shopping centre till I found one…one of the very last ones available from that first delivery!

I won’t forget when I turned it on for the very first time…I was amazed and I was hooked! Now ipads are very much a part of our daily life, both at home and at work!

But our current igadgets are a few models behind, and both have got better and better with each new version, so I can hardly wait to get my hands on my new toys!

And yes, my husband is also getting upgraded igadgets so there won’t be any arguments!

In terms of the new book, don’t bother calling this weekend as I am planning some quality reading time!

And next week, there is more anticipation building….new furniture that we have been waiting ages for is due to be delivered AND a very exciting parcel to arrive from overseas…will let you know!

Have you waited with great anticipation for something? And was it worth the wait?