I am somewhat of a stationary geek….I love pens and notebooks.

Which means I also love getting a new diary…something satisfying yet exciting about opening a diary to a new year.

For some reason, I prefer what we call financial year diaries…I think the equivalent would be academic year diaries overseas.

I like getting that fresh start feel during the long calendar year!

My last diary was a Passion Planer…it worked really well, and I was very tempted to get the larger sized one for 2016/17 but I am not very loyal when it comes to diaries.

The fact is I like to try a new one each year…a fresh start in more ways then one!

So this year, I went for something a little different…a Kiki K 16/17 Mindful Colouring Diary…


This diary is a hardback, and somewhat larger then what I have used before.

There is a year layout in the front, for 2016 and 2017….


Then there are the monthly calendars, which allow for extra notes…


Then you get a week to a page on the left side, with plenty of room for notes on the right….


But the big attraction with this diary is that it has lots of artwork to colour in…in other words, therapy right here in my diary!


It began on the 1st of June so I have been using it for a couple of weeks, and so far, it’s been perfect.

I like the fact that it has two ribbons…one for marking the monthly layout, and one for the weekly layout…make it much easier to find the right page….


The only two potential issues are that the hardback cover and thicker paper does mean it is much heavier then my previous diaries.

And I am a little worried that the cover is going to get dirty very quickly, as it often will travel in my work bag so am considering covering it.

However, time will tell if these become too much of a problem and I upgrade again.

Let the new year adventures begin!

Click here for more information on this Kiki K diary and where to buy!

Please note: this is not a sponsored post! My opinions are, as always, totally my own!

Do you have a favourite diary? Or do you like to change it up each year?