It seems that everyone in the blogger world headed up to the Gold Coast for the Pro Blogger event last weekend…the few of us who didn’t go lived vicariously through our social feeds….which reminds me, I really must take control of my Instagram addiction…

But by reading all the posts about the weekend, something became very clear to me….I have realised just how powerful blogging can be….done right, and world domination is yours!

To be a blogger means you are valuable….and you are unique….we all have to remember that!

And by having a voice in the big wild world of the world wide web, you are powerful! With just a few keystrokes, a blogger can make a difference…hopefully, a good one!

Bloggers can promote…well…anything! I have certainly bought an item, or tried something new on the recommendation of fellow bloggers.

Which of course means bloggers can be sellers…either of their own creations, or by writing about something.

Bloggers can help to create awareness….particularly about health and various social issues.

Some bloggers are teachers….they share their knowledge with the world, whether it be through cooking, crafting, creating, writing…the list goes on!

Bloggers create communities…that can join together to form larger communities…that can connect people from all over the country…and the world!

And as the Pro Blogger event proves, blogging itself can bring people together from all walks of life!

I am still a beginner in this world….although I have had a head start in the technological sense as I am easily able to build and maintain my blog, I am learning the ropes while I find my blogging feet.

In fact, in the less then 12 months since I started Zinc Moon, I have noticed my interests and focus change.

But I don’t apologise for that…this is my corner of the world, and therefore I can build it as I choose!

I write about my growing love for vintage…I write about brunching at new cafes….I write about enjoying good tea…I write about the different experiences we have….I write about the serious health issues that my husband and I have faced…and then I will go off on a tangent and write about something totally unexpected!

I am always so happy when people tell me that they have been reading my blog…it makes me happy to know I have an audience interested in my ramblings!

If I have helped or advised even one person, then that is a bonus!

I still don’t really view myself as a blogger, so I am a little surprised to find that I am beginning to introduce myself as one, especially when wanting to do a review about something, or some place, I love!

But I am realising that by saying I am a blogger, I become a voice that can speak to potentially an unlimited number of readers!

I am a blogger

So my fellow bloggers, stand tall and proud….you are needed no matter how big or small your blog is, or what niche you write in…let me hear you roar!