I live in a body that talks too much…I mean it complains…a lot

I should explain that I am not referring to voices in my head, or anything like that…it’s more like feelings…messages, if you will.

I have nothing seriously wrong with me…least that I know of…but I do have a few conditions that can make me feel awful.

And my body seems to delight in telling me all about it’s woes!

To give you an insight…every morning I wake up and either my stomach or my head…or on a particularly interesting day, both…immediately start with reports on various issues.

My stomach usually kicks in first to tell me it’s feeling sick…which is then often followed a little later by “I am hungry now”.

Can never work that one out, but it does happen…regularly…how can you feel sick yet hungry?!

This is what crazy body parts I am dealing with!

Then the head will sometimes chime in with the report of a headache coming on…I mean, seriously?!

I have been diagnosed with functional nausea which is basically a general term for unexplained nausea…oh joy.

Imagine various levels of morning sickness…all day, every day…for over 6 years…that’s what it is like.

I have learned to control it somewhat with a strict diet and high dosages of ginger, plus if I get desperate, anti nausea meds…I can function, most of the time.

And I used to be migraine prone but thankfully, that has receded to just to the occasional annoying headache.


The good news is recent blood tests showed that my body was lacking in thyroxine (what you take when you have no thyroid or one that isn’t working properly), so my dosage has been upped to 200mg a day.

Hoping that will give me more energy, and help to block all these stupid messages by fixing the issues!

I really envy those who can wake up and not have their first thought of whether they are feeling sick or not.

To be honest, I have forgotten what’s that like…sometimes I think these messages are false, that my mind is playing tricks on me.

But thankfully, I don’t suffer from any mental issues such as depression, but by golly, I wish my body would just suck it up and let me get on with things!

Are you listening, body?

Enough is enough…I have a life to live so shut up!

Do you have a body that won’t shut up? How do you deal with it?