Today, our youngest furkid, the fabulous Miss Charlotte, turns 4!

We just can’t believe how quickly the years have flown past since we first met this little fluffy dynamo!

Cairn Terrier Pup

Since her last birthday, we have noticed that she is maturing…a little…she is still stubborn, opinionated and always has to have the last word.

But she is becoming less of a delinquent, and isn’t being naughty quite so much!

For example, she is slowly realising that if she keeps quiet when she is outside in the evening during prime possum/rat time, she can stay out there longer.

One bark and she has to come inside..nothing worse then a crazy barking terrier.

It’s quite funny to watch when she spots a bush rat or a possum…she starts softly squeaking in excitement!

But every now and then it gets too much for her, and the hysterical barking begins…and that means one cairn has to come inside whether she likes it or not!

She has only destroyed a couple of things in the last month or so…she hasn’t totally grown out of that stage yet!

She has always loved a good yawn and she still does…


She is somewhat fussy with her food, and will often play with it before finally eating…which means we do tend to find bits of it all over the house.

Her favourite thing is a Kong filled with mince meat and frozen.

After her dinner, she will come and find me, and gently scratch my leg to get my attention…and then gets not so gentle if I ignore her…it’s not easy saying no to a Cairn Terrier!

The Kong will keep her occupied for a while, and then when she can’t get any more out, she leaves it for later.

And later involves throwing the Kong in the air and watching to see if any of the meat falls out…she has got it down to a fine art!


She also has the nasty habit of burying them for later…and will bring in a revolting, dirt covered kong to munch on.

There are at least two currently missing…

She loves her walks, and we have just bought new coats for her and her brother due to the extra cold weather we have had…he is used to coats but she is particularly not impressed with it all.


On the second walk with the coats on, she managed to lose it…trouble is, it was 5.30am and pitch dark!

My husband had to go back out and see if he could spot it…luckily he did…and she is still not impressed.

She is becoming more cuddly as she is getting older, although she will never be a lapdog.

Cuddles need to be on her terms, otherwise you will get told about it!

She is a very good iPad stand…


She can crack it with the best of the them…just ask our long suffering vet! She is all sweetness and light, but anything to do with needles…forget it!

Mind you, I can understand that reaction.

Her favourite spot nowadays is on the back of the couch…either keeping watch or curled up on one of the cushions…she blends in very well…


And she still loves to sleep upside down…


She used to get car sick when she was younger but now travels with no issues…in fact, both of them are usually asleep before we get onto the freeway.

She likes to navigate through when we get closer to the coast…


She loves her big brother although she has a nasty habit of creeping up behind him when he is sleeping and letting out a high pitch bark…just like any little sister would do…


In the past year, she has got quite a few followers on Instagram…I think she has designs on having an account all of her own!


So a very happy birthday to you, Miss Charlotte! May there be many, many more!