If you love gardening or love dreaming about what you could create…or like me, not a gardener but appreciate a beautiful garden…. you must make a trip down the highway to visit Van Loon’s Nursery in Wallington, VIC.

Located about 20 mins from Geelong, Van Loon’s is an icon in this area!

Van Loons

We have been visiting this nursery for years, and have watched it grow and flourish!

It was a wet, dreary day this particular visit, but there is so much gorgeous colour…both for outside…

Van Loons Plants

Van Loons flowers

And inside…

Van Loons

Looking for something a little exotic for inside…plenty to choose from!

Van Loons

There are pots…lots of pots…even a fountain or two….

Van Loons Pots

There are rows  and rows of vegetable seedlings…making us keen to get our veggie garden up and running again..

Van Loons Vegetables

Even found purple carrots….definitely going to try and grow some of those just out of curiosity!

Van Loons Purple Carrots

Chillies…such bright riot of colours!

Van Loons Chillis

Just love this gorgeous yellow colour…would love that in our garden!

Van Loons

There are lots of hidden surprises….such as this very funky cat..

Van Loons Cat

And I loved this wheelbarrow display of chooks…

Van Loons Chickens

And on the subject of birds…flamingos anyone?

Van Loons Flamingos

And Van Loon’s has not just things for the garden…there is plenty of homewares to decorate inside your house as well!

Van Loons Homewares

Lots of lovely things…

Van Loons Shop

Loved these…

Hanging vases

And there is also a very good cafe…unfortunately we didn’t have time to check it out on this visit.

So if you haven’t been to Van Loon’s, it is well worth putting aside a few hours and immerse yourself in this wonderful nursery…and have a cuppa while you are there!

And don’t worry if its raining, there is plenty of shelter, and everything looks more lush and beautiful…

Van Loons

Van Loon’s Nursery is located at 405 Grubb Road, Wallington on the Bellarine Peninsula near Geelong.

Click here to visit the website for more information!

Van Loons Plants