I don’t think I am alone in wishing there were a few things I could change about myself…it must be human nature to never be satisfied with one’s self!

I need to firstly say that overall, I am pretty happy with the lot I have been given, but here are five things that I would like to change…if I could!

My Friday Five

A little taller!

I am five foot and a little bit, and it drives me insane trying to find jeans and pants that fit…lengthwise! I hate having to spend all that extra money taking the length up…and yes, I should learn to do it myself.

My best find so far are cropped or 7/8 jeans…they may be cropped for others, but they are just the right length for me!

My best tip…always wear heels!

Feel Healthier!

This leads on from my post yesterday…I really wish that I could wake up one day and feel alive and energetic.

I have no right to complain, as I don’t have anything remotely life threatening, but I am so jealous of people who almost shimmer with good health…send some vibes my way!

Have red…and curly..hair!

I have submitted my hair to all sorts of colours over the years…everything from blonde to black…even a touch of blue at one stage. But if I was able to put a request in for my ultimate hair…it would be red, and curly!

However, I can have my wish to to a certain degree..I currently have red hair..as you can see from the image at the top…but it does take a lot of maintaining as it fades quickly, but I am hanging on for as long as I can!

And I have to teach myself how to curl my hair properly..I have the tools, including long hair…just not the skills!

Take a breath…and relax!

I have lost the ability to sit, and do nothing!

I am always doing a couple of things at once…for instance, I never just sit and watch TV, or concentrate on reading a book…I am always using my ipad, working on my computer, making notes or browsing through a magazine at the same time.

Its like my brain is full of “noise”, and I can’t seem to sit still and just enjoy some peace and quiet!

I don’t know whether I became like this when my husband got very ill as I was on full alert in case he collapsed etc

I need to re -learn how to slow down once in a while…and “smell the roses” so to speak!

Less worry..more go with the flow!

I am a worrier…just can’t help it…yet my husband is totally the opposite and never worries…he just lets things happen.

I wish I could be one of those people who are spontaneous and don’t worry about what ifs.

But I am glad to say I am working on this…

And as a quote I found quite rightly said…if you don’t like where you are headed, change your direction!

What would you like to change about yourself?