Our two furkids are so much more then just dogs to us…they are very important members of the family!

We have two Cairn Terriers, who are full of life and character…no sooky lapdogs in our house, thats for sure!

Spending time with them got me thinking…we could learn a lot from our furry companions…so here is My Friday Five for this week..


1. Relaxing is good….sleep even better!

Our two dogs run at two speeds…full throttle or stop…which is kind of how most of us humans live too… but we forget the stop bit…I never sit still and “smell the roses”…I am always on social media or surfing the web.

But when our dogs stop, they really stop!

They love nothing better then spreading out on the sofa or curling up in their beds…and relaxing..

Our youngest one has a habit of lying on her back..and snoring…loudly!


2. Get some exercise!

Although they love sleep, they also love getting out of the house for a walk.

Unfortunately our two are not good off the lead but we take them for a daily walks…usually a different route every day for variety!

Which means they get to check out whats been happening in the hood, and we get some exercise and fresh air…away from our ipad and computer screens…

Also a great way to meet new dogs….and their owners!


2. Look around!

Our dogs love nothing better then getting out and about….They love exploring new places…nothing goes unchecked!

This can be somewhat annoying when you are on the other end of the lead, but it makes me realise how sometimes us humans become totally oblivious to our actual surroundings.

We tend to hurtle through life due to family and work demands..we need to take some time to slow down once in a while, and take in what is around us!

Since starting this blog, my husband and I have discovered a love for exploring our local neighbourhood and beyond…something we never used to do.

Nothing better then finding a delicious new cafe, or a fabulous shop..

Or, in the case of our two, being total sticky beaks, and checking out whats happening with the neighbours….


4. Don’t back down…stand up for your rights!

Anyone who knows Cairns, will know that they never back down! They have no fear and will tackle anything…..loudly!

They will stand their ground and defend to the best of their ability!

Due to all the tough times we have been through over the past few years, I have to say I am much better at standing my ground….something which can be needed when dealing with hospitals!

5. Love every minute!

Our dogs love every minute of life…with lots of enthusiasm….they love walks, getting fed, their sleep…they give us a huge wagging welcome every time we come home…they love us unconditionally as we love them!

So I need to stop getting caught up in the stuff I can’t control, and enjoy the fact that we are alive…and amazingly healthy considering what we have been through….and get on with living life to the full alongside our furkids!

Could you learn something from your furry companions?