The Art of Travelling Light

We are heading north over the Easter break…not a technically a holiday, but still hopefully going to be a fun filled few days…so it is time to drag out our suitcases…and pack!

Ok, I will admit it…In the past, I have always been a chronic over packer…even when just going down to the coast for a weekend!

I used to take far more then I would need because of the “what ifs”…I mean, you just never know…always prepared…

But  I have finally seen the light…less is more…quality not quantity!

And now, I am happy to say I am much more ruthless when it comes to what makes it into my case.

I pile everything on the bed…then remove at least half of it!

My major downfalls are shoes, handbags…and cameras…yes, I own too many of all three!

This trip, I am determined to be good…only three pairs of shoes, two handbags…and OMG, only one camera…my beloved Fuji X100s….I don’t go anywhere without it!

Fuji X100s

I do however counterbalance this with taking both my Surface Pro tablet…and an Ipad…and a digital sound recorder…hey, I have to blog you know!

And with my pain in the butt food allergies, I also have to pack some food with me so I am not left starving…I have been caught out before….oh, and don’t forget the pharmacy of medications my husband and I have to take with us…

Despite being better packers, we haven’t quite got as clever as to just have carry on bags…unfortunately the reason why we are travelling means that we have a brass instrument…a cornet….and the things that goes with that such as music, mutes,  a stand, a stage uniform, a marching uniform etc.

And there is no way all that is going to fit in a couple of carry on bags!

Luckily this trip is to only one destination…one climate..and reports are of warm and sunny weather.

And as long as we have the essentials such as medication and our glasses….plus our various gadgets…anything else we can buy…any excuse to go shopping!

But I am proud to say we are travelling much lighter then we usually do…which I have room for some retail therapy…got to be happy with that!


 Are you are over packer, or travel light?