Qantas has taken a fair bit of criticism in recent times, but I have to give credit when credit is due…we flew Qantas to Brisbane and back over the Easter break, and we couldn’t fault the service or the flights!

Qantas Aircraft

I will mention this first up… benefit of not travelling for a few years, due to my husband’s illness, means that we have a fair few number of Frequent Flyer points saved up…so we decided to splurge on this trip, and travel up the front end in Business class.

We had another reason for upgrading…travelling at Easter is chaotic at the best of times…nothing is better then arriving at the airport, and being able to sail right through check in, and settle into the Business Class lounge…yep, thats the way to do it!

In Lounge

Our  flights were smooth and uneventful, with helpful and friendly Qantas staff…both on the ground and in the air!

I am now a rather nervous flyer…not about the actual flying part….but about the food situation.

My fear is eating something that makes me sick, and a good journey will quickly turn into a nightmare.

And for some reason, there isn’t a way to specifically request lactose free/dairy free meals on Qantas.

But I have finally hit on a solution..request vegan meals…no animal products so no dairy…sorted!

And on this trip, my husband joined me in being vegan too!

To our surprise, the lunches we had on both flights were quite delicious…in fact, much more to our taste then the other meals on offer!

This is what we had on the flight up to Brisbane…also included a bowl of fruit and a slice of sourdough bread…

Qantas Vegan Lunch

And this is what we had on the way home…

Qantas Vegan Lunch

Which even included a chocolate brownie…got a little excited about this as I don’t often get a “dessert” I can eat!

Dairy Free Brownie

The only thing that we would complain about is the tea….it is so strong and over-brewed by the time it is served, its almost undrinkable…and this happened on both flights.


Would be much better to have a selection of tea bags, and provide hot water…but am guessing there is some logistical reason why this can’t be done.

Our luggage arrived safe and sound both times so no complaints there!

In fact, on the home journey…not only were we first off the plane, our luggage came out first…and we were back home inside the hour….probably not long after the last passengers got off the plane!

However, the only trouble with travelling in style is once you have experienced the “other side”…I sat in seat 1A on the way home…its hard to go back and be in “cattle class”….totally spoiled now!


So we just have to save up our points again so we can live the high life the next time we fly!

Do you fly Qantas…like or dislike?

Please note: This is not a sponsored post…we choose to fly Qantas!