Today, we got up extra early as it was clinic morning…my husband was booked in for his six monthly post liver transplant checkup.

Although it was actually his seven month checkup as we both totally forgot about his appointment late last year…first time in about 8 or so years of attending clinic, pre and post, that we have missed one!

Anyway, not only we were bright and early to the hospital this morning (clinic opens at 7.30am, but they kindly let us in early), we managed to make number one on both the print out number (the hospital check in system) AND the clinic list for the day…

Liver Transplant Clinic
Liver Transplant Clinic

Never happened before despite our best efforts…and believe me, we have had plenty of opportunity to try over the years!

The routine at the Liver Transplant Unit is that you see a one of the co-ordinators first, who asks how you have been, takes temp and blood pressure and reviews any blood tests etc that you may have had since last appointment.

And the extremely good news is all my husband’s levels are absolutely perfect!

There was some concern last year that a couple of the levels were starting to go out of whack, but a recent blood test n0w shows everything back as they should be.

In fact, he is now probably one of the healthiest people I know!

After seeing the co-ordinator, you then have to sit and wait until the specialists arrive, usually an hour or so later.

Which is why we like to get there as early as possible otherwise it is a lot of sitting around!

One benefit of being stuck in the waiting room is meeting others and hearing their stories…today, we ran into a couple we met at a couple of years ago and it was good to find out that all is going well for them.

We also ran into another lady who we see regularly at clinic, and she is also doing well.

Finally got to see a specialist and he was very happy with the way things are, so we were in and out in about 10 minutes, armed with more scripts and blood test forms.

And he doesn’t need to go back for another six months….which will make it just past his fourth year, post transplant!

It’s amazing how quickly time has gone past, especially as he has had no real issues at all, apart from having to have a hernia fixed.

We left the hospital just under three hours after we arrived, relieved and happy that my husband’s donor liver seems to be very comfortable in it’s new home, and is working brilliantly.

And for that, we are eternally grateful to the donor and their family…for without organ donation and the amazing LTU medical team, my husband would not be alive and well today!

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