At the beginning of last year, I set 15 challenges that I wanted to do…ranging from the enjoyable to the mundane to the must do.

I have done a couple of updates throughout the year, but it is now crunch time…2015 is now done and dusted!

So let’s see how I went…


I have had a few issues during the year, which meant I have added a few more specialists to my contact list.

I have learned that I will have good days, and I will have bad days…I just have to keep perspective and take advantage of the good days as much as I can.

Have only had a couple of auras during 2015, however I am still getting headaches…nothing too bad, although one particular episode knocked me for six.

On the plus side, we did get our skin checked out a skin cancer clinic….but still have to get our hearing tested!



I am able to report that I did do some different hairstyles during the year….even attempted the upside down braid bun…

Also discovered the easy hairband wrap hairstyle…


Have now got a deeper red colour and what my hairdresser described as a long shag style….still working out how to style it but am loving it!


De-clutter the Shed

This did not happen…a few things got moved around and a couple of boxes made it out of the shed and are now sitting in our lounge room waiting to be sorted through.

But basically, it’s still much the same as it was this time last year…fail!



Save more…buy wisely

I did well…but then I didn’t….especially in the last few months.

Thankfully, I have discovered op shopping which means my bank account will hopefully take a breather for a while!


My Dressing Room

This is completed, albeit a bit messy….I love having my own room where I can plan my outfit for the day!



Sadly only made it to Sydney and a few country trips this year…hoping to do better next year!



Veggie Patch

Started well…doesn’t end well.

We had one good crop during the year but never got round to replanting till about a month ago.

And within a day, all the seedlings were eaten…total waste of time.

Going to wait till after the holidays and start again!


Lightning Shot

Only one capture during the year, and it wasn’t a very good one.

When we did have a storm, I was unable to get out to doing any photography.

Then when I was ready and waiting, the storms developed elsewhere….Mother Nature can be very fickle sometimes!

In fact I don’t think she likes me very much….



Read More

Did manage to get some more books onto my completed reading list, but am still finding it difficult to actually concentrate.

Once I get into a book, I am fine, but I am very easily distracted nowadays!


Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness

We have done quite a few talks over the year which has been really great…the last one was to a rose club which was our first official DonateLife gig as speakers.

I was so nervous, but the group was friendly and genuinely curious about organ and tissue donation and all it entails…it was a very rewarding experience!

And they gave me some gorgeous rose blooms to take home afterwards…


We also raised awareness by doing the City2Surf 5km fun run/walk with another couple…these two guys both had PSC, both had liver transplants, and both ran the 5km…


I am happy to say this challenge was completed!


Dress Up

Have had fun with this one…those who follow me over on Instagram will know I enjoy doing an outfit shot each day.

I really do love dressing up whenever possible!

I even took part in the Frocktober Challenge to raise funds for ovarian cancer…31 days, 31 dresses.

Challenge completed!



Revamp my Wardrobe

I think I can also call this one completed as my wardrobe now holds some fabulous outfits.

The only trouble is I have put some weight on over the last few months which means some of them are a little too tight…working on reversing this ASAP!


Bike Ride into the City

Well, technically I didn’t ride…but a few days ago, I walked all the way into the city!

So I am counting this as completed!



Drink Good Tea




Continue to Nurture Zinc Moon

This one was probably the easiest challenge out of the 15…I love blogging and have made it through another year without missing a day.

I am getting worried that I will eventually run out of things to say, but so far so good.

If nothing else, it gives me the incentive to get out of bed and get out exploring!



So, after adding all the above scores up, I get the total of 119/150…79%!

Not a bad score for a busy year, although I am annoyed to have some total fails…ie the shed and the veggie garden.

I will make another list for 2016, but I am not going to add those from 2015 that still need work…they are a continual work in progress and I will still get them done…eventually!

Did you set a list of challenges for 2015? How did you go?