Today (22nd August) is Daffodil Day….a day that is all about raising funds to enable the Cancer Council to continue it’s research, provide patient support programs and run prevention programs across Australia.

Daffodil Day

The daffodil represents hope…hope for a cancer free future. I love the yellow of the daffodil…it is such a cheerful colour, and a sign that winter is ending, and spring is around the corner…

I have always supported Daffodil Day….we have had so many family and friends affected by cancer…but this year, it has suddenly taken on a new significance for me…because suddenly it is me that has the big C.

And ironically, yesterday saw my husband and I heading back to the Alfred Hospital, for an appointment with my thyroid cancer specialist.

At my first check up after surgery, I got the all clear with no further treatment required at that time.

I now had to go for my next checkup, to make sure none of those horrible little cells had reappeared….so you could say I was more then a little nervous.

In a weird twist, we entered the hospital through a different entrance then on our last visit, and got lost…ending up at the Liver Department….wrong hospital and wrong patient…ie this visit was for me, not hubby!

We quickly reset our bearings and found our way to the right department…and made it just in time! This specialist is the only one we have ever come across that runs on time!

So….what was the verdict?

Good news is my neck has healed well….my surgeon really did a fantastic job!

Not so good news is that one of my thyroid levels is a little high, indicating that my body isn’t absorbing the thyroxine medication as it should…it is a bit of a mystery as I am on a reasonable dose of 150mg.

But in terms of cancer, there is no sign so far of any return, but my specialist wants me to have a neck ultrasound….I am going to be so well scanned…and another blood test to see if that rogue level returns to normal.

So my luck seems to be holding but I’m at not out of the woods yet. If my tests come back satisfactory, then I don’t need to see him for 12 months.

If there is an issue, I will have to go back to discuss what happens next….

My sort of cancer is more of an inconvenience…and the reason why I am stuck on meds for the rest of my life. But that is nothing compared to what many other cancer suffers go through through trying to fit this insidious disease….and it is a fight that sadly, not everyone can win….apparently, more 115 people die in Australia of cancer every day!

So please support Daffodil Day in any way you can…the more research, support and prevention that can be done, the better!

And I implore all of you to make sure you have regular check ups…my cancer was only found because my thyroid had stopped working….if that hadn’t had been discovered, I would have been none the wiser that I had cancer. Early detection can might be the difference between life and death…it is as simple as that!

To find out more information about Daffodil Day, and the Cancer Council…click here!