Last week I had an appointment with a thyroid cancer specialist…it was decided that I would have blood tests to ascertain whether I would need to have the radioactive iodine treatment…

And my specialist would ring me when the results were in with the final decision!

Every time my phone rang today, I must admit I got a little more nervous…..I wasn’t sure whether I would hear back today or tomorrow.

Although after learning more about what the actual treatment would entail, I actually wasn’t too worried if I had to have it.

Just something else that had to be experienced!

I figured as I had gone through the surgery with no issues, a small dose of radioactive iodine certainly shouldn’t be a problem!

Then this afternoon, that call came through…

And he was straight to the point….there were no detectable levels of thyroglobulin in my blood, and my thyroid hormone levels were now fine after the adjustment in dosage before Christmas.

And then the best news….no further treatment required!

The cancer has gone!!

There is a caveat…I will have to have some blood tests and an ultrasound in six months to double check nothing has appeared again.

So after having blood tests, a couple of ultrasounds, a biopsy and surgery to remove my thyroid, everything is now showing as clear!

And all I am left is a very neat scar that is fading away, and the fact I have to remember to take my daily medication!

100% Cancer Free

So for the moment, the door on this particular episode is just about closed…and I am hoping in another 12 months, I will be able to slam it shut, lock it and throw the key away!

I am one very, very lucky girl!