Recently, one of my friends mentioned that a call had gone out for dogs to take part in filming for an ad for the Dog Lovers Show, that is held here in Melbourne in May.

On a whim, I decided to enter our younger furkid, thinking there would be no chance she would be called up…only to get an email a week later to say that yes, she was on the list!

I then had a bit of a worry as I didn’t want to leave our old boy at home by himself…not fair if he missed out on all the excitement…

I decided to send off another email explaining our situation, and to cut a long story short, he also got an invite!

Our two were in the last group of the day, and our call was at 5pm….they had started at 8am….

Car Ride

Had no idea what to expect……but all I can say it was utter chaos…and a lot of standing around…which I know is normal when filming.

Miss Charlotte

It was held at a dog park in Prahran, which was actually a great spot for the dogs to run around, however it also meant that half the dogs that were there, weren’t actually meant to be part of the filming!

Dog lovers Park

So I am not sure why we had to sign anything, and prove that they had been vaccinated, as there were quite a few “ring ins”!

Unfortunately, the majority of dogs when we were there were huge….and any smaller dogs like ours didn’t stand a chance!


We decided it wasn’t safe to let our two off their leads, even though we really wanted to…cairn terriers are not known for backing down, and we had no idea how the bigger dogs might react…ie the pack instinct.

I mean, check out the eyes on this one…you said WHAT?? Actually this pup stole the show…he was hilarious!

Dog Eyes

And I also get worried with owners who let their dogs off the lead, and then have no control over them….

So it was a bit of a shame as our two would have loved to have run around, particularity if there had been any of their own size…not another terrier in sight!

This dog was a “ring in” with the owner asking me why there were more dogs then usual in the park…and stayed to join in!


However,  I do have to say that there was no trouble while we were there, which is totally amazing considering the large group of dogs who had never met each other!

The film crew did a few shots of dogs in the fountain….can you spot the tail? That’s the dog with the crazy eyes and he was having a ball in there….


They tried a few shots of a group of dogs running down steps…there was a little dachshund which did very well at holding his own amongst the bigger dogs…


And filmed more dogs running across the oval…which meant once again, the bigger dogs won out…and that was about it.

Running Free

However, I can’t complain too much as the crew did come and film our two for a minute or two…I got asked if they did any tricks etc…nope…they were a little too distracted and overwhelmed to get them to do anything but sit for a few seconds…but hey, they are cute!

So we will put the two hours we spent at the park as an interesting experience, with no hope in hell of either of our furkids appearing in the ad….but hey, we got free tickets to the show, it was a lovely autumn evening,  and we met some new people with some gorgeous dogs!

Dog Park

The Dog Lovers Show is on in Melbourne from Friday 2nd May till Sunday 4th May at the Royal Exhibition Buildings!

Click here to visit the website for more info!