I have a very poor relationship with my insides…I have annoying food intolerances, and suffer from Functional Nausea.

But after reading this book, I have so much more understanding of what exactly is going on and how to handle it better.

Gut: the inside story of our body’s most under-rated organ is written by Giulia Enders…and is an international bestseller!


I first noticed the book when browsing at the airport…it was right up the top for recommended reads…I then saw more than one copy being carried onto our flights when we were on holiday.

So I thought I would find out why a book about guts is so popular…and within a few pages, discovered why this book is definitely worth a read, even if your gut behaves itself as it should.

Originally written in German and titled Darm Mit Charme…meaning “Charming Bowels”…over 1 million copies were sold within the first year.

Now translated into English by David Shaw, I quickly found that Enders writing style is funny, chatty and quirky…yet informative and educating.

She is young…only in her mid 20s…and although she now has a worldwide best seller, she is still focused on becoming a gastroenterologist.

I was fascinated by her insight into lactose intolerance…something which has made my life hell over the last few years.

And I was also interested in the brain-gut connection, as I am sure this plays a big part in my own health issues.

It is kind of weird reading about what happens from the moment food enters our mouths to what exits, but I found myself often laughing out loud at Enders turn of phase.

She loves her subject matter…and she shares this wonder with us…her readers.

She takes all the scientific facts and figures from dry, medical terms to something we can all understand…and in doing so, creates a better awareness of what actually happens inside us.

There are even line drawings…done by her sister…these are salmonella germs with sombreros on…you will have to read the book to find out why…


It’s like the owners manual we were never given…and I can tell you, it is absolutely mind blowing!

Please note: this is not a sponsored post! My opinions are, as always, totally my own!

Gut: the inside story of our body’s most under-rated organ can be found at all good book stores and online.

Have you read this book? Did you find it fascinating or frivolous?