Today I nearly had someone run straight into the front of my car…well, technically I was driving my husband’s car!

An elderly gentleman was so busy trying to read the street signs, that as he was turning left into the street that I was coming up in, he veered across into my lane.

What made it even worse is it took two loud blasts of my horn, before he realised what he was doing and finally righted his direction, a mere few feet from the front of my car.

And I was in a red SUV…in the broad daylight….not exactly hard to see!

But what really scared me the most was that he really had no idea that he almost caused an accident….

Luckily there were two things in my favour that prevented me having to tell my husband his beloved car now has a large dent in the front…

Firstly,  I had noticed something weird was happening, so didn’t go right up to the end of the street to turn…I stopped about 20 feet back, thinking he was going to do a u-turn, but instead he drove right at me, while looking the other way.

Secondly, he was driving reasonably slowly, and luckily for me, he didn’t get a fright and push down on the accelerator before moving back into his correct lane.

I don’t proclaim myself to be the best driver in the world…..but I LOVE driving! I have done two advanced driving courses…soooo much fun…and one of my favourite shows is Top Gear…need I say more!

And before my husband chimes in….I cannot parallel park…used to years ago when at uni, but have lost that skill now!

But hey, I still love to drive!

So I am definitely not perfect, but I use my driving training…I don’t travel too close, I don’t speed, I am not too slow…I am aware of what is happening in front and around me….I use commonsense!

However, it does amaze me whenever I venture out on the road, just how many bad drivers there are around….of all ages, women and men….

Surely they realise that they are not totally in control of a vehicle that that could kill themselves, or someone else….do they even understand that concept?

Driving comes with responsibility……you have a responsibility to get yourself to your destination safely, and you have a responsibility to those around you…other drivers, pedestrians, bike riders etc…to be aware and be careful.

Everyone makes mistakes…but Iif you drive like you are in your own little world, unaware of what is happening around you…please…I beg you…wake up or stop driving!

And this applies no matter what age or gender you are!

Be Aware

What happened this morning gave me a fright, but I bet if you talk to the guy who caused it…he would have no clue how close it came to a front on collision, albeit a slow speed one.

And that’s what worries me the most….