And I wish it would leave…NOW!

If it wasn’t so stinking hot, I would throw open all the windows and doors, and hope it gets the hint!

For the last couple of days, my husband has been feeling off colour…in a “normal” person, you would just put it down to heat, etc.

But when that person has had a transplant, all sorts of alarm bells start ringing when things aren’t quite right!

Transplant recipients are immune suppressed…it means that they take medication to stop the immune system rejecting the donor organ….which in most cases works beautifully, but it means that they are more prone to picking up viruses.

So we have to avoid being near anyone who is sick, and be very diligent with washing hands etc.

Looks like a bug has slipped through our guard, and got us both…..whatever it is seems to have hit me too…damn it….

Now I should clarify that luckily, this stomach bug seems to be the mild mannered version …so far…

We just feel “off”…off our food, off drinking tea (thats a bad sign!), off doing anything at all really….except sleep…on the couch…in the aircon!

And drink lot of home made lemon “soda”…basically soda water with a squeeze or two of fresh lemon juice…

Lemon soda

Maybe its a combination with the heat…Melbourne’s summer has really gone nuts this year…when I got up this morning to let the dogs out at 6.30am, it was already 28C!

And as I am writing this, it is now near enough to 37C…and that’s in the shade….in our carport!

Hot Morning

I can’t complain about feeling hot…I work in a beautifully cool office whether at home or at work, I have aircon in the car…in the house…so unless I venture outside, I am not exactly suffering in anyway,  except for this stupid bug making me feel rather yucky!

Jas on the other hand, has to do it much tougher. Where he works, there is no aircon…at all. He is a music teacher, and his room has no window or ventilation…in fact, the whole music area has no aircon.

Its tough on the teachers and the kids….and especially tough on someone who has had a transplant.

He is now up to three days a week teaching, which is a fantastic achievement, considering less then 2 years ago, he was close to dying. But that doesn’t mean he is at full strength…

In fact, the combination of heat, working, and this so called bug, poor Jas has been totally knocked off his feet.

For the first time in ages, he is back to sleeping…a lot.

And he is just not himself…something I haven’t seen for quite while…

His blood tests over a week ago showed everything was just fine, so at the moment, sleep and fluids will be the way to go….if things get worse, its a trip to the docs!

You can never be too careful, and it is a reminder that although he has been doing so well since his transplant, things can still happen unexpectedly.

In the meantime, it has been a total waste of a weekend….all our plans…out the window!

But looking on the positive side…we have been able to hide out from the 40C+ heat in the cool aircon, and not have to go anywhere…I have lost weight…bonus…and I haven’t spent any money…yet!