It is so nice to have colour in the gardens now! And with the rains we have had over the last month, everything is lush and growing like mad…although my husband is cursing about how quickly the lawn is growing!

I think flowers are like nature’s paintbrush, adding splashes of colour amongst the green foliage.


We have an archway in the garden which is now covered with Jasmine flowers and the perfume is divine!

The Bird of Paradise is covered in the amazing blooms!

Bird of Paradise

The lavender is just starting to die off, but it has been covered in flowers…and bees!

Just Buzzing Around


The roses are all blooming too!

Freshly Grown


We went out to a cafe for brunch this morning, and there was a beautiful bunch of flowers on every table…

Bunch of Flowers


The local parks are looking gorgeous! We discovered this one today – so much lovely green grass to run around on!

Local Park

Tomorrow, it will be Summer, and cool days will be replaced with warmth and balmy evenings….and visits to the beach…YAY!

Bring it on!!