I feel crap right now…although it’s a good day to be a bit miserable as the rain is pouring down outside…

I woke up with some sort of weird muscle spasm across my shoulder and back making it hard to move, let alone breathe…and this was after a couple of days of headaches that made it hard to think…

And not to mention the nausea that continues to hit me at regularly intervals no matter what I do….but unfortunately that particular issue is  normal for me…dodgy insides…

In other words, I am a bit of a mess right now….

But don’t worry, I am not suffering from a terrible disease…that I know of….

I am suffering from stopping the preventative migraine medication I have been taking for the last year, because I want to see if my system has settled down since I have had the thyroid surgery etc.

And to be honest, I don’t want to be taking something my body doesn’t need anymore!

Being totally reliant on medication is still unfamiliar to me…my husband HAS to take his anti rejection drugs due to having a liver transplant…it goes without saying what will happen if he doesn’t!

I now HAVE to take thyroxine to counterbalance the lack of a thyroid…and to hopefully prevent the thyroid cancer coming back..

The preventative migraine meds have worked well…stopped my aura episodes pretty much immediately…however, I don’t like the side effects that comes with it….in particular, the feeling of being constantly tired…

Its been great not having the auras, but it has been replaced with not having the energy and zest for life that I should have!

Now my thyroid issues are hopefully sorted, I should be bouncing off the walls!

Instead, I am going to have a hot shower, a couple of painkillers, and snuggle down on the couch with the two furkids!

I really, really want to wake up one day and feel 100% well….with everything thats happened over the last few years, I have totally forgotten what that’s like!

So please, if you enjoy good health, don’t waste it and don’t undervalue it…treasure every minute, and for goodness sake, look after it!

You can have everything you want in this world….but if you don’t have your health, you can’t live life, let alone enjoy it…

Believe me…I know….

Take care of your body