I have being sharing my husband’s liver transplant story with you all over the last week or so to promote DonateLife Week 2014.

He was lucky…getting a new liver is not easy…you are assessed thoroughly and if something doesn’t seem right, you won’t make it on the list.

Then once you are on the list…doesn’t mean you stay on the list…you have to be sick enough to need a transplant…obviously…but you also need to be well enough to survive the surgery.

You get too sick…then sadly, you are taken off the list…..

There is more demand than supply…it really does feel a bit like winning Tattslotto when the call comes, and the transplant goes ahead.

The recipients go through recovery and rehab, and in most cases, are able to return to relatively normal lives…but don’t think its all plain sailing from then on…yesterday we had a reminder of this…

We went to a live performance by The Transplants…a band that includes three members who have had liver transplants!

The lead singer, Jo, has actually had three liver transplants…the most recent just 7 months ago…and she looks amazing!

The Transplants

The band members met during clinic appointments, and have been getting together to perform as The Transplants to promote organ donation.

Jo reminded us that having a liver transplant is not a cure….it does not mean you are instantly well…it takes maintenance!

Things can still go wrong…at any time…its a case of constant monitoring, adjusting of medication, medical appointments…

Even after 2 years….5 years…10 years….. a liver can reject for many reasons, and you can find yourself back on that list again…waiting…

In fact, one of the band members, Paulie Stewart….of Painters and Dockers fame…. had to miss the gig because he has been ill in hospital, and the doctors were unsure what the issue was.

Needless to say he wasn’t very happy about not being there with the band!

There was a small, select crowd who came to see The Transplants perform at the intimate Lyrebird Lounge in Ripponlea…but all had a common interest…to promote organ donation, and to celebrate being alive!

And the best bit…you couldn’t tell who had had transplants and who hadn’t!

The Transplants

It was great to catch up with some of the staff from the Liver Transplant Unit at the Austin…even the fabulous and amazing Prof. Bob Jones was there!

Unfortunately we had to leave before it had finished, but it was a great few hours…sharing live music with people who just love life…..and a reminder that you never know what is around the corner, so be grateful for every minute!