Last week, I was given an enthusiastic run down from an colleague about how they hated all these new fangled gadgets such as ipads and iphones..never worked…things always going wrong etc etc….one complaint after another…definitely no friendship with technology there!

I was a bit taken aback by their total negativity…I think I must live in a totally different world….because I find technology amazing…although I admit its sometimes not without its issues!

But I don’t mind those challenges – I love the feeling of working through a problem, and getting everything back up and running…just because it isn’t working, doesn’t mean its broken!

If things aren’t working as they should, all I can say is thank goodness for Google and online forums…because usually someone..somewhere..has experienced that same problem!

And my one steadfast rule…don’t panic! Just try turning whatever it is off…then on again…fixes 99.9% of problems!

Dont Panic

But when things work as they should, it can be totally brilliant!

Technology has come so far even in my lifetime, and I love it!

The ipad for me was a total game changer – I now can’t imagine life without it! Its still amazing to be able to have a gadget with a touch screen, that you can run the world on…yet it will fit in your handbag!

I remember when the first ipad came out…told my husband that I wasn’t going to get one…..then woke up the next morning, and dragged him to the local shopping centre as soon as it opened so I could get grab the last one in stock.

And I am so glad I did….opening that box and turning on the ipad for the first time was really like experiencing the future…and that was back in 2010!

Since then, now all my immediate family are using ipads,  and I have developed a database at work for remote access to data via ipads.

And don’t even try to separate my husband from his…it was the first thing he wanted when I came into see him the morning after he had his liver transplant…guessing thats not a common sight in ICU!

Ipad in ICU

Even my nan, who was in her 90s before she died, loved it when we brought in our ipads to show her our latest photos, videos etc. She had no fear of technology…maybe thats where I got it from!

I use a tablet when working at home…it runs everything I need, including memory hungry software such as Photoshop and Illustrator, with no problems…yet it is not much bigger than an A4 size magazine…I am constantly surprised at what it can do!

I admit I do just jump straight in when it comes to technology…I love to see how things work. I am happy to delve around in the coding etc…making sure I have backups, of course!

I am happy that I am not afraid to explore and try out new things “technologically” speaking…its such a huge world out there, and its changing by the second.

However, as you probably guessed, I haven’t yet ventured into the “other side” …the world of android…I am happy being pals with Apple!

Technology helps us in so many parts of our lives… and in some cases, it is hard to look back and remember how life was “in the old days”.

My colleague is quite happy to complain about the igadgets, but somehow I think they would be complaining even more if all of sudden, there was no way of immediately looking up information…funny how quickly people forget!

OK, new technology is not always for good…its not always nice…its not for everyone, but you won’t know till you open your mind and give it a try!

You might just become friends!

Do you like using new technology……or are you more “old school”?