Despite the on going trend of everything in print going “online”,  a new newspaper has been released this weekend..let me introduce you to the compact size, weekly published… Saturday Paper!

To be honest, I am amazed that in this electronic age, someone is brave enough to try and reignite “old fashioned” newspaper production…in a world where it seems that news is old the minute after it happens!

The Saturday Paper is published by Murray Schwartz…… this is his first weekly publication, and has been developed with former Fairfax reporter Erik Jensen, who is the paper’s editor.

Ironically, I first “heard” about the paper online…via the Design Files Daily blog, where they did an interview with Jenson….who is only 25!

Not only is this venture aiming to introduce a printed paper into a market that seems to be slowly dying, but do it with a young editor….and weekly!

So today, I went out in search of this new paper…I had read that it was a bit hard to get hold of with many newsagents running out of stock….but I was able to find one at a local newsagent.

Mind you, I did have to ask for it…turns out the remaining papers had been buried under a pile of the local Greek community paper…

The Saturday Paper

Cost…$3.00…size…compact…pages…32…oh and currently it has only been released in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra…but you can view online, or via a mobile app.

Schwartz has said that the paper will have an initial distribution of 100,000 copies, and its target audience is 30- and 40-something inner-city dwellers….well, I guess that’s me!

There are some heavy hitting companies advertising in this first edition…Rolex, NAB, Mercedes Benz…

I have to be honest…I rarely read newspapers nowadays…if I do, its in quick snippets via an online website. But when I do read, I prefer the real thing, not the electronic version.

Don’t know why…I am a gadget geek yet I just find it easier to read publications such as books and magazines on paper, not the screen.

And I also have to admit, I although I do try to keep up with what’s happening in the political world, I find I have little interest unless it is something that directly affects us…politicians tend to annoy me…anyone watched question time….need I say more!

I am not sure if this lack of interest is because my husband and I have been through hell and high water with serious health issues, and that tends to refocus your interests…maybe it makes you more selfish…

But now if you will excuse me, I am going to sit down with my cup of tea, and get to know this new paper on the block…..The Saturday Paper!

The Saturday Paper will be produced every weekend, but if you prefer to read online, it is also available via a website, or mobile app.