Sorry guys…it’s finally happened…the germs that have been ruling this house for the past week have captured me in their grasp.

My husband started to get the sniffles a week ago…now he is sick in bed with a temperature.

Trouble with him is that he thinks he is invincible…he survived a life threatening condition and the subsequent liver transplant, and he has had a problem free recovery.

Which means he feels the best he has since he first got sick over 40 years ago.

So he likes to soldier on even when his body is telling him to slow down and rest…he doesn’t know when to stop.


And as he is immune suppressed, his body has to fight harder to get rid of infections.

However, he is now on antibiotics and on strict instructions to rest…fingers crossed he is hopefully on the improve.

I have to admit it has brought back memories of when he was so sick and on the waiting list…I had to be on constant alert in case he collapsed.

At least nowadays, it’s more about making sure he is taking his meds, drinking enough fluids and getting enough rest.

And now it seems it is my turn to get the dreaded lurgy.

I started the day OK with a quick trip into the hospital to have an ultrasound done on my neck…to double check that nothing nasty has come back after having my cancerous thyroid removed just over two years ago.

And it seems that everything is clear but will have to wait for my specialist to call.

But now I am feeling rather less then 100%…I have a sore throat…actually, make that a very sore throat now…damn those germs.

I can’t handle cough lollies…they make me sick…so I will have to raid the lemon tree and stock up on soothing Manuka honey.

The rain is falling outside, so at least it is a good day to wave the white flag and retreat to the couch.

Normal transmission to resume tomorrow!

Any tips for dealing with a sore throat? Please share in the comments below…