Our house is still full of coughing, sneezing humans and two furkids who are rather unimpressed with the situation.

Thankfully, my sore throat has eased, but now sound like a two pack a day smoker.

Strangely, both my husband and I both had the flu injection earlier this year, and we did managed to escape many of the bugs that were going around…except this one.

I am hoping I have the express version of the bug…getting it over with in a few days and not lingering on like the one my husband has.

It has now been over a week and he is still nowhere near 100%.

He did, however, manage to take the pups for a quick walk this morning as they hadn’t had one for a few days.

But somehow between the front gate and the front door, the little Miss has managed to hurt her front paw.

My husband didn’t see what she did so we are not sure what happened…she will let me touch her paw, and bend her leg etc with no sign of pain, but she is reluctant to put any weight on it.

Seems we are going down like flies round here!


And I am bored…I hate sitting still…I hate feeling sick…and I hate being stuck inside…cabin fever has struck!

Fingers crossed, we all wake up tomorrow much better, the sun will be shining and life can return to normal again!

Are you a good patient or so you find it hard to sit still and rest?